Things that have bothered you for a long time.


Flouncing Nobber
On Air Force One
Colt 1911's. The early ones with the small tang catch the web of the hand in the hammer and it ruddy well hurts.


Heavy Metal Fan
Reheating food causes food poisoning. So why is it OK to repeatedly reheat the same lump of kebab meat on a spit?
It doesn't always cause food poisoning. The bacteria need to be present first off. If it's reheated properly i.e. piping hot, it can be done a couple of times. The kebab meat is also processed and I'd expect it's ionised to kill off anything. There was a documentary where a man wiped a steak around a public toilet; floor, bowl amd everything. It was then irradiated and cooked, perfectly fine to eat but he said it still tasted of p1ss!

I expect there are regulations on kebab meat, which are undoubtedly not followed to the letter, but I've not heard of many people becoming I'll from s kebab. Raw onion that's been kept out too long is also far more likely to make you sick.
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