Things you'd like to say, but can't

"I'm leaving now: It's nothing personal, but I'm an introvert and I've spent the last six hours "Hanging out" with you. Now you are all lovely people and I really enjoy working with you, but I'm exhausted by all this small talk. See you tomorrow..."
"What sort of question is 'Could you give me the specific reasons why you applied to work in our organisation?' to spring on someone when you call them?
I was looking for a job for someone with my training and experience in a fairly large region of Germany; when I did a search your organisation was offering a vacancy along with several others so applied to all of them.
I've been doing that every day for a month and I can't even remember which one yours was without looking it up."
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Why are you telling me all of this? What makes you think I am even remotely interested?


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I'm sat on the balcony next to your room and I can hear your conversation as you sit on your balcony.
You've slated just about everyone you know from the sounds of it, right down to remembering who brought you both a drink at blah blahs wedding...and more importantly who didn't, and that seems to intensely aggravate you to the point of virtual hatred.

I suspect it's a two way street, you all sound as bad as each other . Makes me so happy my family are relaxed with each other, no rivalries or infighting.


Dear TSB,

Your Business Banking Authentication App is a joy. It's always quick to load, easy to log in and never fails to give me the code I need.

[After 10 attempts, I still can't set up one new payee. And since I haven't set up telephone banking, they won't do it for me over the phone - because I have access (ha, ha) to the online system. 35 minutes on the phone, and my 4th or possibly 5th official complaint...]
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