Things you'd like to say, but can't

Dad, you do not have the mental capacity to now live on your own, you need to stay here.
My heart went out to both of you when I read that @Phaeton, can't like it though.
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Cool story bro... you really should change your name to Walter Mitty.
Every company certainly used to have one I suspect. Ours 30 years ago was Keith, a likeable fella, just a normal working guy but he seemed drawn like a moth to a light to expand on his stories.
We all knew, we all rolled eyes and sniggered but forgave him for the most part...until he went to far one day and cost some colleagues real money based on his drivel . Shortly after one of the guys started openly calling him Billy. Keith didn't get it and one guy asked...why Billy ?
'Billy LIAR :angry:' was replied venomously.
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Okay I'm stood in the train doorway trying to get off, if you all crowd round HTF am I supposed to get off so you can get on!!!!
So we were at a meeting with three people; we agreed on two (2) strategies to deal with a problem that was discussed, to run in parallel.

Now you are claiming that you understood the agreement differently and you only agreed for us to use one strategy. Which you've incidentally described completely differently to how it was described in the meeting.

I don't have a problem with a difference of understanding, but the way you are assuming you are entitles to unilaterally change a decision we made as a team and everyone else will go along with it.
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