Things you'd like to say, but can't

Dear teachers, it is all very well you lecturing me about "Making sure my children do their homework" but can I try (again) to get a concept over to you?

The system of informing me that you have set homework is to tell the students to write the homework down in their homework organiser.

Therefore, if they don't write it down, I don't know if you have set homework.

If I don't know about the homework, I can't then try to make sure they've done it.

No amount of snotty letters to me is going to change this situation until you find a way of making sure the information gets to me.

This is an entirely separate issue to the question of why I seem to end up doing a lot of the work of actually teaching my kids how to do the actual work, and you seem to get paid for it.
^^^^^ I would actually be saying that to them ^^^^^^


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Big birthday last month - went on holiday as didn't want a fuss and would rather spend the cash on something we'd enjoy, not a party.

Birthday wishes/cards from my side and MIL.

One SIL actually phoned and said happy birthday, card turned up 2 weeks later. Other SIL, not even a 'Happy Birthday' -

If they decide to give me a card/present should I say 'Save it for next year' as the cards have been re-cycled now ! :wacko:

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Thank Good for that. :laugh:


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Context: Called in the supermarket on the way home.

There was a chap exiting the store, clutching a single red rose in one hand and carrying a slab of Carling Black Label under the other arm and a glint in his eye.

Me to myself: Some lucky lady/gent is going to have a belting night tonight...
If it were going to be a real belter then he would have been using both arms to carry 2 slabs of Black Label, and the rose would have been gripped between his teeth! :laugh:
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