Things you've missed seeing when cycling

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by tallliman, 4 Mar 2018.

  1. Paul_Smith SRCC

    Paul_Smith SRCC Veteran

    I realised I started to notice far more if I reduced my effort by a few mph.

    Back in 2001 I rode Lejog, one of my first tours in an organised group, I rode the first few days as I had always done, not 'eyes balls out' but not dawdling either. Conversation during the evening meal when we were reminiscing the days ride I quickly realised that others had noticed far more than I had done.

    Lejog had been a life affirming tick box for me, something that I had always wanted to do and I had finally got round to doing. I questioned why I had come all this way and here I was missing much of it; I may as well stayed at home! It also dawned on me that I cared more about enjoying the experience than being first at the campsite, plus I had chosen a group tour to meet new people and potentially make new friends.

    So, I rode slower, noticed far far more, made some new cycling buddies who I still cycle with to this day and embraced cycling at a more leisurely pace; OK the latter may also be embracing that I can't go as fast anymore but he ho, every cloud....
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  2. Cuchilo

    Cuchilo Prize winning member X2

    Hanworth park house hidden in the trees . I never knew it was there then one day my mate said cut across the park by the big house . I was baffled .


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  3. Alan O

    Alan O Über Member

    For a moment there, I really thought you were going to say you missed the Zeppelin :laugh:
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  4. Cuchilo

    Cuchilo Prize winning member X2

    I did by about 40 years ^_^
  5. Beautiful route he has, in spots. The cherry trees were a gift from the mayor of Tokyo, btw, in 1912. I think there are a couple thousand of them.
    You might also look at this thread, for more mailboxes
    That's just the current post, it's a long running thread.
  6. EasyPeez

    EasyPeez Über Member

    I love a ride up to the Old Horns at Bradfield. Especially on days like this - 51The Old Horns1.JPG
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  7. Siclo

    Siclo Über Member

    Several times I'd passed this, just catching the word cyclists, so I made an effort to not go flying down the hill


    It's a lovely sign and led to a bit of research on the National Cyclists Union.
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  8. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    As @Paul_Smith SRCC says you see more when you ride a bit slower

    I feel sorry for some cyclist's who spend quite a lot of saddle time but are going hell for leather and miss so much
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  9. OP

    tallliman Über Member

    Managed to see the ventilation shaft that started this thread today....also saw a pillbox that I'd missed before!!
  10. OT That reminds me of a Billy Connolly sketch about Tasmin.

    The explorer on his 1642 voyage found Tasmania, and Fiji and went to Papa New Guinea, Mauritius and New Zealand etc but he f@@king missed Australia :laugh:
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