This summer, should I cycle naked?


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I've just packed all my clothes and kit in a holdall and been so disappointed at the weight that I actually weighed every item of winter clothing and kit. Here's what I found:

Winter jacket: 407g
Merino base layer: 361g
Lusso tights: 300g
Padded shorts: 175g
Socks: 60g
Buff and gloves: 112g
Castelli rain cape: 122g

Total clothes: 1.537 kgs

Shoes: 738g
Glasses: 28g
Neoprene overshoes: 174g
CO2 thingy: 126g
Phone: 109g
75cl water: 794g
Helmet: 257g
Computer: 30g
Saddlebag with multitool, tube, another cylinder: 403g

Total kit: 2.659 kgs

Total kit & clothes: 4.196 kgs

Seems a lot but then I weigh 74 kgs and the bike about 8.5 kgs so it ain't too bad.


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What made you decide to start weighing all your cycling gear ... :scratch:
I am missing something.
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