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How much weight did you put on over the Christmas and New Year period?

My own weight gain was just 1kg, but that was thanks to working out on a Turbo Trainer (7 days out of 9) to this:

For those of us that don't know "old" money:
1 pound = 0.45kg
1 stone = 6.35kg
For those that don't know "new" money:
1kg = 0.16 stone (2.2 pounds)
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I wouldn't know. My electronic scales read O-LD whatever that means. I think they might be broken.


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I have lost 8 lb since about 20th which I feel good about. They way I did it not so good, but I will take it as a positive.

It goes to show though you can lose weight without exercising.


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Just under 3 llbs,no turbo though so i had 10 days with no training except to be a mince pie munching champion.
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