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Hi everyone, I really fancy trying my hand at touring but dont want to jump in too fast and scare myself - so Ive been thinking of doing something relativly short and staying in B&B's (or travellodges etc) to save carrying a tent etc. Something that puzzles me is where to store the bike - do most places allow the bike to be stored inside or do you find that you often have to lock the bike outside overnight?



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Most B&Bs will have a garage or other storage, particularly rural ones.
When i did my first coast to coast the B&B had about eight bikes in a huge shed.
Travellodges and other chains might be a different story, they don't really do 'different', and might be a bit confused if you turn up without an Audi.

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My bike's been kept in sheds, gardens, ballrooms, cleaning cupboards, changing rooms, garages and more. Most places will have somewhere.


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Ditto. Never been anywhere that wouldn't find somewhere safe for the bike. Take a good lock.

Don't feel you have to camp in order to 'properly' tour. Never camped and cycled, me. Always fancy a nice bed at the end of a long day's touring!!
Also look at Independent hostels, likely to figure in my planned mini-jaunt this year and don't discount Youth Hostels, which have changed beyond recognition in the last decade, some are very plush, I'm going to one on Arran in May/June.


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If you're going to a Travelodge phone first. The few I've used have been helpful and have had locked areas for the bike. (The last two have been in with the bins, but I'll accept that for sturdy iron gates and a big lock).

However good the storage always put your own lock on and lock to something fixed as well if you can though!


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Why would you not camp? 15 nights of 50 pounds in a B&B equals 750 pounds, and that is enough to buy some really good camping gear that you can then use for a decade.
For example, with approximate prices :
tent: 400 pounds e.g. Helsport Ringstind, Hilleberg Akto, TN Laser, MSR Hubba HP
sleeping bag: 200 pounds e.g. PHD Design
mattress, 50 pounds Exped Synmat Basic
Stove etc, 100 pounds Trangia 27 UL HA
Camping is just so much more fun than a horrible B&B


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Soft warm beds! Duvets! I know what you mean, Willem - I love camping, but at the end of a long day's cycling I just want a soft warm bed and a duvet.


My last years experiences with Youth Hostels has made me invest in an upgrade of my bike and camping equipments. In Donegal, my unopened Lucozade bottles was stolen by drug addicts/smugglers and I had no drink for 20 miles. The noise and their wild parties made it impossible to sleep too. I had four hours sleep in two nights.......... and I paid a fortune for this pleasure. Never again !

Camping means sleep, no drug addicts, no stealing, no wild parties and actually a nice sleeping bag and sleeping mat. It also gives me the freedom I require to roam freely.

Hence, I am a wild camper.


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When seeking accommodation at a B&B or hotel, it is important to ask if there is secure storage for the bicycle very early in the booking process.
No point in booking a nice room at a good price and then finding there is no bike storage.


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I for one love the cosiness of a warm sleeping bag (what's the difference with a duvet?) on my thick Exped Downmat in my little tent. And I much prefer the tranquility of a meal cooked in front of my tent, with a nice view of nature. For me touring is about being outdoors as much as I can. I spend enough nights in business hotels - no thank you.
With quality gear there is no hardship involved at all. What often surprises me about discussions on this forum is that people moan if a tent costs more than 150 pounds, and yet will easily suggest B&B tours. Good camping gear is an investment that you earn back very quickly, even if a particular hostel turns out cheaper than in my example.


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£50, £22, £18 or €18,50 ...

In Great Britain, 9 hosts affiliated with 'Vrienden op de Fiets' offer accomodation and facilities for cycling tourists for 18,50 euro pp/pn. Really small scale as all families only have 1 or 2 rooms for cyclists.
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