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    That's my only issue with the workouts on zwift, sometimes you just want to do half an hour at a middling intensity to turn your legs over on a 'rest day' when you still feel relatively fresh - they're few & far between. You can just bimble round & throw in the odd interval but it's not really motivating working that way (for me anyway). Going to try the custom workout builder I think, see how that goes.
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    108 imports you can import to zwift.
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    I did an ftp which was 105 watts on zwift. Probably the hardest workout in years and seriously painful. It had erg on but not sure what that was? Also I didn’t change gear at all . What is erg and ftp? The resistance felt like it stayed same all the way? Is that how it’s meant to be?From a novice... did I use bit correctly? Also, which part on the screen shows cadence? It didn’t really go in line with the watts? Thanks
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    Yes, you used it correctly.

    When Erg mode is used, the computer ignores the gradients of the road, and keeps the power at the same level, however hard or soft you pedal. If you pedal slowly, the computer increases the resistance to maintain the power. If you pedal quickly, the computer reduces the resistance to maintain the power. Keep the cadence at the same rate, and the resistance stays the same as well. As a result, you never have to change gear (though you can, if you want to - it won't make much difference though). Zwift only has the option to use Erg mode in workouts. If you do a free ride, you will feel the gradients, and have to use your gears to cope with them.

    FTP is Functional Threshold Power - the best power you can maintain for one hour. It's a test of fitness, and a Google search will find lots of information about it.

    Watts won't be affected by cadence in Erg mode, as explained above.

    The cadence is shown in one place in workout mode, and a different place in a free ride.

    Workout mode

    : zwift workout.jpg

    The cadence is shown in the white information box top centre and is currently 77 pm.

    Free ride

    Zwift free ride.jpg

    The cadence is shown in the blue information box top left, and is currently 81 rpm.
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