Twaddle you've told your kids, or were told when you were young.


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As per title..

I was driving the grandkids down the M1 a while ago, and told them that the purple flexihose strapped to the top of the crash barriers was full of liquid chocolate being sent direct to London from Cadbury in Birmingham because they'd run out there...
Of course, I didn't fall for this kind of twaddle when I was young!! 😂


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When I was in Cubs I think, maybe 7 years old or younger, I was doing some sort of simple first aid....cub master asked us to find the answer to 'what do you do if you cut your finger ?'
I asked dad, who immediately answered...'you cut the next finger, then the first finger stops bleeding'

Next week, the question was asked....I flung my hand up :hyper:
....and gave the answer.
Teachers face, I can almost see it now....:scratch:
'So how do you stop the second finger bleeding' he asked.
I almost instantly saw the flaw in my answer :unsure: :laugh:

Walking my son (around 9) around the grassed edge of a local industrial estate, there are PIR floodlights along the length of one of the buildings. As we approach I said...that light is going to come on any second. And it did to my sons amazement. How do you know ? he asked :wacko:
Dads know everything was always my answer. The same happened for about 6 floodlights...much to my sons continuing amazement.


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N Ireland
I tried to convince my son that the lollipop man at school could fit the whole lollipop sign in his mouth.
He never quite believed me and just went along with it to humour me.
When an infant my son had a limited edition 'Mog' from the Mog the cat books.

Mog went everywhere with my son but was lost in a hospital complex where we were visiting my terminally ill dad. Try as I may, Mog couldn't be found or a replacement bought. I bought a replacement cuddly cat in a similar pose and that was immediately accepted without comment so I thought 'result'. Anyway,,,,,, a couple of years later I asked my son how he liked his Mog to be told that she was OK but not as good as the proper Mog. He just hadn't wanted to disappoint me!


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The hay bales in fields and wrapped up in plastic were cow eggs, my daughter believed it for a bit.
It's not quite in keeping with the theme of the thread because people actually believed this twaddle, but parents and relatives always worried when you got wet from playing football or cycling in the rain.
"You'll catch pneumonia!"
"You'll catch a bad cold!"

Utter pap.
it's a common belief in Italy (where you quite often see folk wrapped up in those down puff jackets on warm days in May).
And don't get me started on the dreaded "congestione" - every year folks die from the peril, cases are reported in papers, folk congratulate themselves that they are pre-warned about the mortal threat by their know-everything mums.
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