tyre lever snapped any substitute I can use?


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Trying to swap tyres around on my two bikes and damn the gatorskin tyres are so hard to take off literally snapped one of the tyre levers the second one I put in. Would appreciate any other substitutes I could maybe use. Watched a few vids on tyre replacement and they make it look so easy...


My mum's teaspoons always worked for me. :okay:


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I don't think it would. Make sure you are only nipping the bead of the tyre and don't get too greedy when selecting where to insert your second spoon. Works a treat even with gatorskins. :okay:
Yep or you have possibly not got the rim sat in deep enough at the bottom of the wheel.


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ok i'll try spoons hope this isnt a wind up
I used them too. Tyre levers were a revelation to me, in my mid-late teens. I had no idea there was a proper tool for the job.
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