Velo Birmingham anyone applying?


I've just pre-registered without knowing the cost. If I'm lucky enough to be in a position to click the 'buy' button on Thursday it will be an impulse decision (no getting the final nod from the wife for approval as I will be in my computer cave.) I suspect it will cost the best part of £100 for a 'stupid' bike ride she'll say. In the end she will need bribing with a new coat no doubt for the same amount so the ride will end up costing me £200. BUT AT LEAST THE ROADS ARE CLOSED. that is worth every penny to me.


A begging email from one of the charities suggests that it's £40 to enter - and as with these rides a lot of places will be "golden places" with a £400 upfront sponsorship + £40 entry fee. Have to say I would take the "tens of thousands" comment about pre-reg with a pinch of salt - be interesting to see if it sells out on day 1 as is implied . . . .



apparently its on the British Cycling page (although I can't find it!)
British Cycling members could register for a link to get early entry today. Fees quoted come via that source.


£75+ to ride round and see the sights of Birmingham...errr...ummm....err

what would they be then? Its not quite like riding through central London is it?
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