Velo Birmingham anyone applying?


Just picking up on the previous messages. I'm puzzled as to why a) there is an admin charge b) a cost difference between fast track (£5.75) and standard (£4.95) admin charges. Perhaps there is an extra box for the admin team to tick?


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To be fair, the route looks quite nice. Apart from the bits in Brum that is.

Nonetheless, at £80, I'm out.


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As I predicted, the entry fee was going to be high. £80 is a little too high for me, I will see what my riding partners say, but I suspect we will not go for it. Maybe there will not be a huge bun fight at 8am after all.
80 quid, to ride on a route / roads that I can ride for free at any other time? :laugh:. I'll pinch the route, and ride it sometime, minus the knobberfest.


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I'm going to ride roughly 14 Audax events (mostly on the exact same roads) and still have change for extra tea and cakes at all of them
Audax? Are you made of money?
I'm going to do an infinite number of solo rides with no fee at all for the price of those Audaxes (wearking Aldi kit, natch) ;)

Although we will both be missing out on: "Our Velo Birmingham ‘Domestiques’ will be riding alongside you, offering gels, mechanical support, top tips and lots of banter!" Cheery Brummie banter and gels. What's not to like?
Well if this is correct, which I've no reason to doubt, then I'm out :sad:
And me, sadly!


What the BC site with pre-entry doesn't say is what the difference is between the £80 and £120 options - other than "fast track" ... which means?

Have to say I had no intention of entering but am just stunned by the whole thing . . . it's trying to emulate Ride London - but everyone I know that has ridden has said never again (primarily based on the cycle-traffic jams, safety and the massive variation in riding skills from wannabe Chris Froomes to absolute novices on BSOs)

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