Velo South - West Sussex 23/09/2018 (Closed Road 100)

Discussion in 'Sportives' started by kingrollo, 9 Feb 2018.

  1. OP

    kingrollo Über Member

    Well Ive paid £109 for the event - £107 for one nights stay - petrol around £40 - I don't think you can really add in the cost of meals as you would eat even if you weren't doing the event.
    I supposed a lot depends of what you done as a cyclist. If you raced, toured abroad etc - then perhaps this is small beer. I have say having cycled for 30 years - Velo birmingham was by some distance the high spot - it was so good that i would i have gladly paid 3 or 4 times the entrance fee.
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  2. PaulSB

    PaulSB Guru

    I don't think it's small beer by any means. I'm sure it will be a great event. For me the overall cost is too high, that's all. The round trip is approximately 560 miles. I'd need two nights accommodation so using your costs: £109 entry, £214 accommodation, £80 petrol which totals £403. To that would have to be added meals. While I agree I'd have to eat at home that wouldn't come close to the cost of a service station break on both journeys and an evening meal on both nights. Just a coffee on the M6 is about £3!! I'd have to stay two nights as my experience of Ride London is trying to drive 240 miles home after a 100 mile bike ride is not a good idea!!!!
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  3. Nig mtb

    Nig mtb Well-Known Member

    Bramley, Surrey
    There is not abundance of accommodation in the area so prices are going to be steep.
    More emails coming in saying there are still spaces.
    I am sure that when word gets out to the local population that route will change.
  4. They have their hands tied, in respect of the road route, for no other reason than they have to get approval for road closures, and they have to find roads capable of taking 15000 riders. There is plenty of accommodation in the area, or close enough to the area. So that won’t be a massive problem. Pitchfork wielding Locals, are nothing new. The big Goodwood events ( Festival of speed, Revival, Members meeting, and glorious Goodwood) attract more people, and they don’t have serious issues with those, so I reckon they’ll be okay with a few cyclists, seeing as the Revival often sees over 20000 extra people a day, over 3 days on the local roads.
  5. There’s nothing wrong with the route as it stands. With the exception of about 500 yards ( which is only different because it would have been very risky on an open road) it’s verbatim, the same as one of my imperial ton routes, round that area.

    The only difference being the route across the A24 near Horsham, as far as I can tell.
  6. OP

    kingrollo Über Member

    What are the hills like - are the 7% drags for a couple of miles - or 12% for 3/4 mile ?

    From what I seen on Velo birmingham they wouldn't be able to put much above 10% in, as the cyclists would grind to a halt from cycle traffic. On Velo Birmingham the worst climb came after around 30 miles - the gradient was ok, but the amount of cyclists slowing down to almost a halt mean't you just couldn't get past.
  7. The first spikes on the trace are Thicket Lane, it’s gentle until the last couple of hundred meters, where it kicks up to 22.5%. The only other climb of note, is 10 miles from the end, the segments are called “South Harting cat 4” and “South Harting steep bit”, and they are steep but steady climbs, just South of South Harting. This is the route as it stands at the moment, they have limited options to change it, if they have issues with Locals, and road closure permissions.
  8. OP

    kingrollo Über Member

    With VB the route changes were quite major - If they make changes I think the same will happen again (just re routing a couple of miles doesn't achieve anything)
    A 22.5% climb will be interesting, not just the severity of it, but the cycle traffic it creates - if too many walk everyone will have to - there just won't be room to get through.
  9. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    My son has now also entered. He might need to tow me round.
  10. sussexrider

    sussexrider Active Member

    Having ridden part of the course yesterday, i would like to put you mind at rest, Thicket Lane isn't 22.5% its more like a gentle 5% normally covered in about 1min. I rode the 1st 30 miles and I would class that part as commercial, wide rolling roads.
  11. The 22.5% bit really isn’t long enough to cause a massive issue, the climb at South Harting, is a stinker, and at 90 miles too. It will be interesting to see if they take one of the mooted options after exiting the circuit, and go up Kennel Hill, rather than Thicket Lane, it’s a much steadier climb.
  12. You went the wrong way, the end of the Thicket Lane climb, is 22.5%, it’s the road that runs parallel to it, that’s a steady 5% climb.

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  13. sussexrider

    sussexrider Active Member

    Hi Racing roadkill, your right on 1 hand but wrong on the other. As you would expect the strava segment for Thicket Lane is called Thicket Lane Climb and is indeed a little steep. However the intended route for VS is the A285 north from Halnaker and that Strava segment is called Thicket LN Climb which is in fact a steady 5%. So in fact I went the right way ;-)
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  14. sussexrider

    sussexrider Active Member

    That's my point it says 23% but it isn't . Check out the strava elevation graph and rider times.
  15. You didn’t go the right way, end of.
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