Viking Single Speed - any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Fixed Gear and Single Speed' started by TVC, 23 Jun 2010.

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    I had a search on lfgss as I was certain it had come up on there, but no, I could find no mention of it or anything useful on google.

    I don't like the ebay advert though, spelling mistakes "VIKING ROAD STYLE FIEXED WHEEL CITY BIKE" and putting a space before a comma instead of after one just makes it look unprofessional.

    You can get them at cyclesuk for £200, if you have a store near you then you could at least check it out.

    My bike was £200 from Halfords which I know a lot of people would turn their nose up at but I like it and it does what I want it to. So just because this viking one is cheap does not mean it will definitely be rubbish. Still, I wouldn't buy one off ebay without at least having looked at one in the flesh.
  3. threebikesmcginty

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    ...on the slake
    I don't know of the bike TVC but the outfit looks like a proper set up - real shops too, etc.
    Their ebay feedback is also good and no one has neg'd them on the Viking.
    Folk will tell you you can make one for cheaper but if you don't want that ball ache give it a go. You'll always be able to shift it on if you don't like it.
  4. Rob3rt

    Rob3rt Man or Moose!

    Looks like those Create heaps of sh*t to me. Id rather buy one of those EBC fixies. At least they come with standard components (so you know how much they are worth) rather than cheap ass bling. A pair of decent wheels with rims that deep would cost the price of that bike near enough (deep v's on cheap but servicable hubs will come to about £200).

    I might be totally wrong though, it may be an excellent 1st fixie. Im just suspicious of how they get these prices so low when the parts, wheels being the prime example are compared with like parts, princing seems to be a bit mismatched (even taking into account, bulk buying and branding).

    With bikes that come with standard "they will last 2 weeks before the cheddar hub gives out" wheels, you can see how they got the price so low and can spot where they have cut corners. On these things its hard to tell, have they cut corners on something that matters, like the frame? or something superficial? At least out of an EBC thing the frame will be salvagable when all the crap componentry starts to wear out. With these creates and Vikings etc who knows how good the frames are. There are tonnes of fixie selling bandwagon jumping stores and they dont care about quality because a lot of people buying will buy for fashion and wont ride them to within an inch of their life, and once the fashion dies down they take their profits and move on to another product.

    Ive seen a Create in person, steaming heap of sh*t.
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  5. GrumpyGregry

    GrumpyGregry Here for rides.

    EBC Track '10 is a great bike (I've got one) but no good if you want put full 'proper' mudguards on. The front fork won't take them. Crud race wotsits work well though.

    Not sure what is meant by the 'crap' components though. Sure it isn't tricked out with a stack of Nitto branded NJS certified track kit as beloved by the London in-crowd, but it has generally solid components that will last a good while.
  6. Rob3rt

    Rob3rt Man or Moose!

    What I mean is, you get your bog standard components, they wont perform (or last?) like the top of the range stuff, and you know this upon buying it (just like my Fuji, the stuff on that is also 'crap', especially the wheels).

    But when buying a bike like a create or viking with wheels etc made to look worth more than they actually are, presumably anyway - unless they cut costs on the frame etc and the wheels are worth as much as they look - they have cut some corners to get the price that low, you know something is cheap on there (most of it), but what? and how much will these parts cost to upgrade/replace?

    Knowing this is a deal clincher and not knowing is a deal breaker for me. With things like the EBC its a good base bike (frame is probly equivalent to a £150-200 steel frame), with standard servicable componentry.
  7. Hacienda71

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    Wilmslow, Cheshire
    I have bought things of Rutland Cycling with no issues. Don't know about the bike though could be ok but it is cheap so components are going to be bottom of the line and you obviously won't be able to sit on it to check the fit for you.
  8. OP

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    Thanks guys, I know Rutland Cycling, I've been to their shops at Rutland Water on many occasions. As nobody has direct knowledge of these particular bikes I think I'll steer clear given that there is no way to check them over before buying. I'll keep looking at the second hand market because although I'd love to spend a wedge on a decent fixie I couldn't justify it for the 5 min trip to work, or leaving it outside in the the factory yard, or more importantly get it past Mrs VC.
  9. GrumpyGregry

    GrumpyGregry Here for rides.

    Good point well made. I just wonder about the definition of crap though. e.g. My EBC wheels are still round and true, despite the clumsy heavy oaf who rides them through potholes and off kerbs.
  10. Rob3rt

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    Crap in my opinion is bottom of the line components, they work, but they dont do anything 'extra', simply 'work'. Im no bike snob and am happy to ride my fuji with its ugly paint scheme, no-frills welds and 'crap' components, its just a turn of phrase. 'Crap' is shorter to type than 'bottom of the line'

    My Fuji has done I think 600 miles, both wheels are f*cked now. The front is out of true and not worth paying to be true'd since the rear is buckled beyond repair and must be replaced so may as well get a front too.

    Buying a pair of H+Son Eero's or Velocity B43's on Shimano Dura-Ace hubs when I get paid.
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  11. GrumpyGregry

    GrumpyGregry Here for rides.

    see for me crap is garbage something that just doesn't work; either at all, or not past the first 100km ;-). The EBC saddle was crap (for me) and came off after only 20km.
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  12. Thread Resurrection (It a miracle :wacko:) but I think I'm going to buy a Viking single speed to get me moving, probably not ideal but living out of a B&B it'll hopefully meet my needs for now and when I do get to ride the Bianchi/Kinesis again it'll make them feel extra good.
  13. TheDoctor

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    Viking stuff is not bad. Hilldogger of this parish rides a Viking folder and it's pretty good.
    It's no Brompton, but it's a quarter the price...
  14. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    The Vikings OK, mate has one in our club, it's heavy but serviceable.
    The EBC track though looks nice too and at the current sale price is a steal.
  15. Gaijin

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    I used to have a Coyote Tra- fix fixed gear bike, it weights a tonn. But I used to love it. The guys at the bike shop used to "turn their nose up" but I accustomed to it and rode it happily for a year.
    As far as I know Viking is a bit better than Coyote.
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