Viking Single Speed - any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Fixed Gear and Single Speed' started by TVC, 23 Jun 2010.

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    I'm a bit of a bike snob. I admit it. But I bought a really cheap (new) fixed/single speed from eBay about a year go. It is very bottom end, with unbranded cheap components. I changed the brakes for some dual pivots I had lying around the garage. Other than that, it's still exactly as it arrived in the box. The plan was to try it, and if I liked fixed to offload it via eBay and buy something better. However, it has never let me down and nothing has broken yet, nor does anyting look like breaking - although I did have to true the front wheel following a incident involving a carrier bag and a swallow dive over the front bars at dead slow pace. The wheel straightened up fine. So I've kept it and it serves perfectly well as my hack bike. Sometimes I even roll up the right leg of my jeans and pretend I live in Clerkenwell.

    I guess my point is, it depends what you want the bike for. For me, it's cheap enough and practical enough for me to take to town, leave locked up with only a half decent lock and I don't have to worry about how much I'll lose if it gets pinched. As my hack bike, mileage is low. All of which makes it value for money in my book. And it adds variety to the fleet.
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    I toyed with buying one of these... I think it'll be cheap and cheerful and great to be honest!
  5. I've done just over 760miles on mine since I bought it a couple of months ago, its a weighty beast (53cm is 13kg, mine's a 56cm :ohmy:) but the bike its self is great fun and touch wood its too simple for anything to go wrong. Its great for getting a decent work out when you don't have time.
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    Done 360 miles on mine it's a nice ride, cheap And cheerful! I'm strippIng mine for paint, doing the wheels dayglow red :-) Changed the bars and tyres/ inner tubes. Also changed the brakes and pedals. Smile every time I ride it!
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    if your looking for a fixie on a budget why not get yourself an old 10 speed roadie and convert same outcome and youll have fun converting it!
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    Thats exactly what I'm looking for - project bikes! Can anyone help me?t
  9. Took my viking road FX SS over 1000 miles tonight (1025 to be precise), I've had it less than 3 months but all I've had to do so far is tighten the chain (at around 800miles) and tighten the brake adjusters a few time so IMO its been value for money.
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    Ive had two Viking bikes the torino and my fixed gear both cheap and awesome. Got my fixie for £160 delivered off eBay, ride it every day and its a pleasure photo to follow
  11. rugbyluke

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    Ive had two Viking bikes the torino and my fixed gear both cheap and awesome. Got my fixie for £160 delivered off eBay, ride it every day and its a pleasure photo to follow

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  12. 3000miles or more down the line I've been impressed with my viking; its free wheel eventually fell apart last month but after much abuse a riding in all weather (incl snow) and I converted to fix. It might be RIP now unfortunately after a car drove into the rear of it last night but despite the force the steel frame is only 6mm out of true and if the lbs can get hold of a old SS wheel it'll be back on the road temporarily at least. If it'd been another frame there is no way it would still be possible. I may look at upgrading but not by much if the driver is decent.
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    I've been looking for something suitable for a year now!
  14. Andrew_Culture

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    I've found something now :smile:
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    I ridden it 60 miles a week for almost a year now, its pretty terrible and incredibly heavy, the tyres are the worst things I have ever come across, replaced them with in 2 weeks. Its a nice start if you've never ridden fixed before but now its just terrible, getting new parts as I speak. Cinelli, Nitto and Bianchi all the way.
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