Wasting my time ?


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As you may know i changed clubs about a year ago to a club that initially had a good number of riders o a sunday and a good atmosphere .
Over time numbers on the ride have tailed off so most of the time its only me who shows up after spending time planning routes , cafe stops etc .
Saturdays are a different matter with a dawn chorus ride and up to 3 groups dependent on ability , i cant do saturdays due to work / family .
I am at a crossroads as i feel like i am wasting my time every week and feel like a bit of a side show.


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Then stop wasting your time. The good thing about cycling is that you can still plan routes and coffee stops and ride them by yourself. I do it all the time.
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It may be ego bruising but have you asked those people who stopped turning up why?

You say that you moved clubs a year ago and have been organising the Sunday rides for a while. Whilst it may not have been intentional have you misunderstood the needs of the Sunday riders and somehow claimed a club's institution as your own domain and changed it or has everybody just decided that Saturday rides fit better with their family life?:smile:

If you get on with someone well you could possibly use him as a filter, so any really nasty answers might be toned down a bit.:smile:

Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh.




Another solo rider here too but that doesn't help you much if your preference is with a group.

I think I would be speaking to the other riders who used to attend to see if slight adjustments to the days plan could make it more appealing to them, maybe get them more involved by taking turns each at coming up with the route. If that brings no success, you have to consider trying to find a group that do want to cycle on a Sunday or like a lot of others, go and do your own thing.

Life's too short to be wasting time, especially leisure time.


It's unusual for a club to be focused more on the Saturday rather than a Sunday. The latter is the traditional day for cycling.
However, my first club only used to run club runs from Oct 1st to March and then the time trial season started and most would be riding timetrials every sunday.


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Shouldn't you be talking to your club's committee about this as I assume they have to agree to your programme of Sunday rides? I assume your planning has been part of their overall leisure rides policy? I have to present my leisure rides programme for approval otherwise the rides are not officially sanctioned and covered by club insurance.


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Good morning,

It may be ego bruising but have you asked those people who stopped turning up why?
I'm guessing it's because all the club riders are knackered after Saturday.


We have the same issue and it’s mainly down to other commitments. Sunday rides used to be busy but more and more of the lads have young families with kids playing sports on Sunday mornings so attendance tails off.

It becomes a vicious cycle ( no pun intended) where the less people turn up then even less turn up the following week.

I’m sitting here looking out the window at a beautiful sunny morning but i’m Going to watch my son play rugby ( his matches are usually on a Saturday) so i’m missing a ride today for exactly the same reasons.


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Solo rider here too but does the attendance fall away naturally through winter. And does it pick up again with spring ?
Perhaps it's the natural ebb and flow of these things ?

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It would be best to find out what the situation is from any feedback the club may have, or seek that feedback yourself. It may just be that people do not have that time free. In the states, our club has show and go rides on both Saturday and Sunday, because a lot of people take part in religious observances, and can't go one or the other day. Personally, I go to an early mass Sunday at the Episcopal/Anglican Church, and can be out in about an hour. In good weather, I can ride the bicycle there and from there, and run across a few club members going on a ride while doing so.
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