Weight Watcher's Thread

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by Shaun, 8 Jan 2008.

  1. Alex1982

    Alex1982 Active Member

    Started at just over 13 stone

    Been cycling for 3 years but only this year been dedicated to hitting the mileage

    I do approx 150 km a week commuting to work and then some more st the weekend

    Weight this morning is 11'8
  2. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    I've been doing more miles this year than I used to.
    Turned 60 so decided to make an effort to maintain my fitness levels.
    Was surprised to see on Strava that I've averaged just under 100 miles a week, and I forget to turn it on sometimes.
    But my weight has dropped when I didn't need it to.
    5'8" and I am down half a stone to under 10 and a half.
    More cakes!
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  3. 9/10/2017.
    Height 5'9.
    Weight 301lb=21st7lb.
    First time on my Turbo trainer,3 min steady pace smallest front gear largest rear gear.I know.i know 3 min is seriously bad,i also did 5 min on my healthrider.This old thing,
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySGU-XF5oWA
    .I did get a sweat on but felt i had no energy,i'm at rock bottom.Things can only get better,this is the first time in 15 years iv'e been on a cycle.I think my seat needs to come up a bit,and my tyre preasure needs to be higher that should help.
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  4. MrGrumpy

    MrGrumpy Huge Member

    Fly Fifer
    I seem to be getting heavier lol , 100 miles a week by bike and about 10 miles running . Think I need to look at my diet pmsl
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  5. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    I've been a veggie since my mid 20's , so there's not much fat going in.

    Booked a GP appointment , after the usual nagging about it.
    Turned up , on my bike this morning, very wet, to be told the doc was off sick !
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  6. Lost 2 1/2lb this week,sorted my bike out.Fitted all new cables and a turbo trainer tyre.Have ordered some butterfly handlebars,i need to be sat more upright.Also i need another seat,the one i have isn't InkedInkedDSCN1070_LI.jpg adjustable and it points upwards at the front.Today is only the second time on the turbo trainer,still only did 3 min.That seat hurts,any pointers to a better seat for the larger person would be good be good.
  7. dhd.evans

    dhd.evans Über Member

    Last weight check was bad; 94Kg (14.8st) at 5' 9".

    Diet is absolutely atrocious, i appreciate that. My goal in the new year is to get myself into the best shape of my life. Anyone got any diet plans that include pizza, beer and chocolate as staples?
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  8. si_c

    si_c Veteran

    I dunno. Mine includes, Beer, Pizza, Chocolate raisins, Jelly Beans, Fig Rolls, Pringles and Cake. My weight hasn't shifted much lately.
  9. I ordered a 12in deep pan with everything on it,He said do you want it cutting in six or eight pieces.I said cut it into six pieces,i don't think i could eat eight.
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  10. nickAKA

    nickAKA Senior Member

    I've got over a stone off in the last 6 months by skipping lunch 5 days a week, cutting out roughly half the booze and 90% of the junk food plus doing 30+ challenging miles a week on the bike. Slow but sure works best for me, first time in nearly 20 years I can get in 32" waist kecks so happy is an understatement. Need to find a bit of balance now with the diet which will probably be more difficult.
  11. Fonze

    Fonze Totally obsessive , cool by nature

    Chocolate, yes .. not fussed about booze but I can't give up chocolate
  12. Beebo

    Beebo Firm and Fruity

    New Year’s Day. Tipping the scales at 105.2kg.
    Goal is 90kg in 6 months.
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  13. pauldavid

    pauldavid Veteran

    New Years Day, 101.6kg and I’m only 5’7” so I look like a pink walking bowling ball at the moment. Last years cycling and general keeping fit was ruined by a number of health issues and related comfort eating. No excuses this year so here we go!

    Target is to look less like a walking bowling ball initially
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  14. SkipdiverJohn

    SkipdiverJohn Über Member

    Lose 33 pounds in 26 weeks? I reckon you're being a bit optimistic there. That's an energy deficit of 4,500 calories a week needed to lose that amount of weight.
    I'm hoping to lose 12-14 pounds and I'm going to give myself the whole 12 months to do it, as trying to rush it would mean drinking no beer for ages - and there's no way I'd stick at that for very long!.
  15. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    It's perfectly doable and not a stupidly unhealthy rate of weight loss, but it would take some self-discipline to achieve it.

    I find it an awful lot easier to control my weight now after giving up alcohol altogether! I had a bit of a problem immediately after that when I substituted chocolate and cake for the booze. I have cut down on them too now but allow myself them as treats from time to time, and especially on any long bike ride.
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