Well there's a rare thing; a truly GREAT new British film!


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Bought it last night off Sky Movies as there was nowt else on the telly and boy, was I impressed. You may remember that Dexter Fletcher chappie, which ordinarily would have been enough to put me off but he's directed and co-written a superb film which has the stamp of approval from Rotten Tomatoes of a 100% score!


It is really, really good. The gritty reality of grim high-rise estates in that London, characters you like and care about; characters you'd like to see hit by a train and a backdrop of the work going on around the Olympic stadium. I loved it and thought it was really good.


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Thanks for the tip. You can't beat a good British film although they tend to be old ones. Maybe the quality takes a nose-dive as soon as they start thinking about overseas distribution. If you get my drift.. This one sounds like a classic.

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Thanks for the recomendation I will get hold of that. Never heard of it before but it sounds very good. I prefer British films personally (and foreign) to the majority of Hollywood drivel that is continually churned out. I still reckon that there are quite a lot of decent British films. Usually the ones made by Film 4 are pretty good and the ones directed by Shane Meadows come to mind.


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Yeah, I'm gonna watch this as it does look good.

I remember Dexter hosting Gamesmaster a long time ago - the mind boggles.


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I like British films, there are actually some quite good ones if you ignore some of the poorer cockney gangster stuff.

I've been meaning to watch Wild Bill after reading a Mark Kermode review.

Any one watch any Shane Meadows films? This Is England and Dead Man's Shoes are pretty good, if a bit low budget and grim. Paddy Considine also started directing with Tyrannosaur, and no, it's not about dinosaurs.

edit: oops just spotted above post re Shane Meadows :smile:


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there's plenty of good British films... they just go unnoticed by the film world.

Talking of Paddy Consodine... Le Donk & Scor-Say-Zee is a favourite.
Submarine by Richard Ayoade of The IT Crowd is also very good
Son of Rambow charmed the pants off me
Attack the Block was genuinely exciting and had a great alien
Looking for Eric proved that gritty can be good

will be checking out Wild Bill... thanks for the tip.


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there's plenty of good British films... they just go unnoticed by the film world.

Attack the Block was genuinely exciting and had a great alien
I enjoyed this too.. some dark humour tucked away in there.
My repeat visit film is Harry Brown. Didn't watch it for ages until it went cheap on DVD, then wondered why I'd taken so long to discover it!

Strange that British films are considered a guilty pleasure.
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