What do you do with your trouser legs?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Sandra6, 31 Jul 2012.

  1. Sandra6

    Sandra6 Veteran

    The habit of tucking trousers into socks has been touched upon on another thread today, so I thought it worth asking the question -what exactly do you do with your trousers?
    I don't wear socks, or atleast not ones long enough to tuck anything in to, not a problem on the apollo with its chain guard, but on the specialized I find my trouser legs catch on the bottle and cage of all things.
    I bought some cycle clips - luminous yellow of course - but my ankles are evidently too skinny and they fall off. I generally resort to just rolling my pant legs up now.
  2. slowmotion

    slowmotion Quite dreadful

    lost somewhere
    For extra style, I only tuck the drive side trouser leg into my sock. It works a treat and wins gasps of admiration.
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  3. MrJamie

    MrJamie Oaf on a Bike

    I just tuck my right trouser leg into my sock :smile:
  4. Moodyman

    Moodyman Guru

    Roll trousers legs up. If done right, they don't crease.
  5. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    I used to do that but one day the right leg unrolled itself and hooked itself over the bottle cage and almost had me off the bike!
  6. scissors...
  7. swampyseifer

    swampyseifer Well-Known Member

    Milton Keynes. UK
    Dont wear any trousers...guaranteed even more gasps from passer-bys
  8. fimm

    fimm Veteran

    High-vis cycle clips... Looks great with a suit/smart trousers (or maybe not...).
  9. fimm

    fimm Veteran

    I'm not such a fan of the high-vis ones as I was, and am thinking of getting a dark coloured pair.
  10. Pauluk

    Pauluk Senior Member

    Asda are selling some narrow fit leisure trousers at the moment. These are great for cooler days as they don't snag on anything and are quite comfy.

    I bought some Velcro trouser straps from China off ebay for a couple of quid but don't tend to need them as in the summer I tend to wear shorts. However was out last weekend round Rutland Water with my wife and I got badly bitten on the back of my leg and am now on antibiotics nursing a big fat infected calf :cry:
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  11. Melonfish

    Melonfish Evil Genius in training.

    Warrington, UK
    I NEVER wear trousers on a bike. simples.
    seriously if you're cycling into work, wear your normal shirt, tie and jacket but then put on some cycling shorts. feel free to keep the white socks and shoes and even better if you have those sock suspenders.
    you'll delight all and sundry with your ultimate style and possibly even set a trend!
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  12. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    cycle clips - simplez
  13. 4F

    4F Active member of Helmets Are Sh*t Lobby

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  14. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    Is this the kind of thing you had in mind?

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  15. Boris Bajic

    Boris Bajic Guest

    I was brought up to use cycle clips, but haven't used them for decades. I still see them in cycle shops, but they are not for me.

    If wearing long-enough socks, I tuck my right trouser leg in.

    If sockless, I roll my right trouser leg up to just under the knee. If suited, I do so with great care and unroll it with even more care.

    I'm not an obsessive cleaner of bicycles, but I find that a reasonably maintained bike has nothing untoward to deposit on my left trouser leg.
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