What film did you watch last night?


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Red Joan on Netflix.

Based on the true story of a British woman who passed secrets to the USSR in the forties.

A good film, although to be fair Judy Dench didn't have a lot to do as the older Joan, other than look confused and talk slowly, most of the story was told by the young Joan in flashbacks to the thirties and forties.

Here you go @Mo1959


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The Way - haughty Martin Sheen goes looking for his son and by accident walks entire Camino de Santiago. Entertaining performances, fantastic vistas and great music. Very warm and kind movie, perfect Sunday entertainment.

View: https://youtu.be/TiHWB667J8M


The Olive - another one from Spain. Young, rebellious girl tries to recover her family's mileniar olive tree.

View: https://youtu.be/KC6qSUFMTEo

If you are looking for something to watch with your family or partner these 2 get my wholehearted recommendation. Antidote to the usual rubbish available^_^


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The Yellow Sea - aka how to make a social melodrama under the guise of an action movie. With over 1 billion of migrants in the world today it is inevitable that some of them become an object of hatred and bile. Joseonjok may be particular because they are despised in both their mother and adopted country. Chinese Koreans are truly people without motherland. In South Korea they are viewed with suspicion as a source of cheap labour, in China as Koreans - marginalized wherever they go. The Yellow Sea seems, at the begining at least, portray them in negative light. Indebted taxi driver hired for a mafia hit goes AWOL and wrecks havoc on the society - but who is guilty here?
Great hand to hand choreography, tense pacing, interesting subject make it all a nearly perfect action movie with brains - if it wasn't for near supernatural elements towards the end and a little tighter edition it would be a classic.

View: https://youtu.be/QRY2mvwv1UA
Thanks for the heads up on this - I've just finished it. I'm not sure I recognised any supernatural stuff, but I did really enjoy it. Particularly the use of practical effects, and a quality foley artist.


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Anatomy of a Murder - classic Otto Preminger from the '50s, with Jimmy Stewart on absolutely top form as a lawyer defending a soldier charged with murdering a man who had raped his wife. Lee Remick is radiant. Wonderful script - sharp as a razor, tight as a drum - clean, direct direction, and some of the best courtroom scenes I've ever seen, presided over by a brilliantly-played judge, who, I later discover, was a judge, this being his only film. Ambiguity and nuance were never better employed. Just, impeccable film-making. 9/10, easy.


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The Kill Team.

Loosely based upon a true story about a US Marine unit in the 'stans who have a nasty habit of killing innocent people for a laugh and to prove their machismo, and one marine in particular who tries to whistle-blow but ultimately gets sucked into it himself.

Clearly low budget and not the best shot film ever. Some of the actors could easily be out acted by my morning turd, but the film has a certain indefinable something that compels you to hang on to the end. The end itself is a bit of a damp squid, but thats how it really went down.

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