What film did you watch last night?


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talking of highpoints in horror...

Beware the Moon: Remembering an American Werewolf in London

...the other night. A feature length documentary in which our host takes us to some of the locations, and cast and crew look back.
I watched that again a few weeks ago, the film not the documentary that is, I'll have to try and seek it out.


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I watched that again a few weeks ago, the film not the documentary that is, I'll have to try and seek it out.
it's included as an extra on the blu-ray.


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Watched Love and Monsters on Netflix. Not great but enjoyable family viewing. Feels like the pilot for a series.

Also Thunder Force - Melissa Mccarthy and Octavia Spencer in a mildly amusing super hero caper. Good fun, but as someone said earlier, Netflix are experts in taking a huge budget and a good cast and turning out a run of the mill movie.


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Couple of reviews for the last week or two's film watching

"Shadow" a Chinese martial arts type film involving two rival kingdoms in an uneasy peace, a wounded general and his "double" acting in his place, a weak and capricious king and various plots and double crosses. Really good, and a little darker and (marginally) more realistic than out and out fantasy films like Crouching Tiger
I give it 8/10

"Mortal Engines" a steam-punk styled post-apocalypse sci fi fantasy based on the notion that cities, specifically London are now mobile and roam the ruined lands hunting down lesser towns and cities to scavenge their resources. It's not a masterpiece but I really enjoyed it. It looked fantastic, the idea was great, the plot is plausible (given the underlying premise) and romps along nicely and all told via the young apprentice boy from London. It bombed at the box office sadly, so there won't be any more, but I enjoyed it and just bought the book on which it's based. The book, written for children, is a notch or two below, say, Dark Materials but still well crafted and enjoyable. The opening couple of chapters so far are identical to the film, and do a great job of world-building, introducing the protagonist, and bringing the tale to life

Maybe 7/10 for the look of it and entertainment value
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