What gig did you go to last night?


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I couldn’t agree more with your comment above.

Last nights show was a well polished production. It just had a bit too much ‘pantomime’ for me. It’s difficult to involve every attendee directly on the stage, so the crowd cheering parts served their purpose of involving everyone.

....and as long as the spogs enjoyed it, that's all that mattered.
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Last nights show was a well polished production. It just had a bit too much ‘pantomime’ for me.
Oh no it didn’t!

I’ll get me coat...


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Hyde Park. Neil Young. Dylan and support.

Support bands were fine support.

Neil Young was excellent.

Dylan was the worst gig I have ever been subjected to. We were reasonably close to the stage and the crowd started thinning very quickly. We left 30 mins before the end and folk were streaming out. I know Dylan is an acquired taste but there are limits. Mrs PK summed it up "Does everything sound the same?" Light show was non-existent- simple white light and static camera on Dylan at Piano and dark stage and screens between songs as Dylan shuffled about.

Shame really.


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Book of Mormon

An absolute hoot from start to finish, though definitely not for the easily offended! I was interested to see if there was any crossover from their other Mormon bashing effort, Orgazmo, but there wasn't. I suppose when you've got so much ammunition it's easy to not repeat material.


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InMe last night at The Cluny, featuring their new guitarist, who is absolutely massive compared to the rest of the band. Great gig in one of my favourite venues which is a small space with a massive sound. They've a new album out soon and from the couple of tracks they played off it last night it's going to be a cracker.


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I saw Sam Fender at Pryzm nightclub in Kingston last night.Hes an amazing talent for someone so young,done so many great songs already.It was a great show,probably one of the best ive been to this year.


I saw Sam Fender at Pryzm nightclub in Kingston last night.Hes an amazing talent for someone so young,done so many great songs already.It was a great show,probably one of the best ive been to this year.
Heard that he's great live - I'll try to catch him in Belgium in November.

I've been listening to Hypersonic Missiles over the last few days. I get to a certain extent the Springsteen thing, although I guess he's listened a lot to Jeff Buckley and Gaslight Anthem.


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This weekend has been Lancaster Music Festival, and I haven't stopped since Friday...

Last night I saw:
Ask My Bull... a Manchester based 'flamboyant jazz punk' band, and bloody awesome they were. Two saxophones, guitar, bass and drums, no vocals, lots of jumping, lots of funking... fantastic!
Sensory Hoverload... from New Jersey. This three piece funky-rock band are LMF favourites and come back every year to packed out venues.
Uptown Monotones... from Austria. These guys were voted best international act from 2017's festival and were rightly invited back. It doesn't matter where they play, the place is jumping from the outset.

On Sunday it was:
Prometheum (unplugged). A Lancaster based 5 piece metal band but this time they played as a 2 piece with just vocals and a single acoustic guitar. I used to babysit the guitarist when i was a tweenager and he was just a toddler, now he's 40 with lots of hair and big metal beard... and it's all my fault!
That Good Low. Another local band and possibly their first gig (lots of nerves on stage, lots of family in the audience). They were clearly well rehearsed but not my cup of tea. They just happened to be on after Prometheum so hung around chatting with Dan and watching them.
Ask My Bull... one thing I love about our music festival is you can catch a band playing a short set on one stage and find them again playing a full set somewhere else.
Deccan Traps... from Morecambe and formed out of a social arts community. These guys have that 80's gothy sound, but without the pretentiousness. I've seen them before and quite liked them. This time they were much better.
Uptown Monotones... they did seven gigs in seven different venues this weekend, I caught five of them... they really are rather infectious, and a little bit bonkers
Mr Ben and the Bens... one of Lancaster's more successful bands, in so much they've released albums, been played on 6music and done a Marc Riley session. They're charming and reminded me of Belle & Sebastian.
Lovely Eggs... another Lancaster band who've enjoyed moderate success in recent years; albums, airplay on 6music and Marc Riley sessions and even had John Suttleworth starring in one of their videos. A punky 2 piece... thrashy guitar, an excellent drummer, kitchen sink shouty vocals. Top marks from me.
The Crippens... formerly known as Doctor and the Crippens; a punk as f**k punk band who enjoyed moderate success in the mid 80s. Well known for their energetic shows and exploding cabbages. They split decades ago and reformed recently without the doctor or the cabbages. Fast, raucous and phenomenally tight. I'm not really a fan of punk but these guys are so powerful i couldn't help but be impressed.

On Saturday...
Ruby in the Dust... a local trio performing self penned mellow melodic ditties. Utterly charming.
Uptown Monotones (see above)
[edit] No Agenda... a punk band. Sounded like they played the same song three time in a row. No wonder i'd forgotten about them.
[edit] Templebys... a Preston based funk/soul outfit. They were OK. Tight enough but was yakking to friends and acquaintances mostly.
North Sea Hijak... a three piece instrumental funky jazz outfit playing fast and funky grooves that belong in some 70s cop show. Excellent!
Sensory Hoverload... no idea who provided their PA but the vocals simply couldn't be heard through it. Glad I caught them again on Sunday, though they still rocked on Saturday.
Leth... a solo electronic performer who only plays in the festival's smallest venue; the Aticus Bookshop that fits no more than 20 people. Theatrical goth infused maudlin melodies with a joyous cover of Del Shannon's Runaway. He puts his heart and soul into his tiny show.
Uptown Monotones... yes, I've been stalking them... they don't play the same set every time so it's worth seeing them more than once.

and finally (or firstly)... Friday!
Tequilla Mockingbird... an Australian rock group (and a thoroughly average one) playing support to Friday night headliners...
Massive Wagons... Lancaster's most successful band, having recently had a top 40 album and played support to Status Quo and Lynard Skynard. My problem with most hard rock bands is they all imitate one another and these are no exception. I gave up half way through their set because nothing interesting was likely to happen and went elsewhere to watch...
Uptown Monotones :rolleyes:

so that's 22 gigs this weekend, plus however many previously this year. I might have to cheat a little and start counting the support acts if I'm going hit my target of 50 gigs in my 50th year.
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The other week I saw Gary Numan at the Roadmender. On Friday it was Where's Mitchell, The Barratts and Rolling Thunder at the Garibaldi Hotel. Last night my daughter went to a gig at the O2 Academy in Brum and I had the pleasure of a 120 mile round trip to pick her and her friends up. In the pouring rain, on the M6 at 50mph, through roadworks.
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