What gig did you go to last night?

Mr Celine

Not Ingolstadt
There aren't any decent size music venues in the borders so it was a rare treat last night to see a band in a 4500 capacity marquee on a rugby pitch outside Melrose.
The Proclaimers as good as ever, with the first UK gig on their Angry Cyclist tour.

Off to see King Crimson at the Royal Albert Hall tonight. No photography allowed apparently :evil:
Off to see King Crimson at the Royal Albert Hall tonight. No photography allowed apparently :evil:
We heard them in Cardiff last year and they were fantastic. No stage show, no lights, just brilliant musicianship. And 3 drummers at the front, playing incredibly complicated music handing off between them - I assume they were playing sheet music simply to make it work. Arguably the proggiest of prog rock bands.


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We were supposed to be in the Rausing Circle, but due to poor sales we were upgraded to the stalls, so an infinitely better seat.
Great show.
Back there on Monday for something completely different - The Beach Boys
We were in the rausing circle and quite a good view. Brilliant show. Glad they played a few of my favourites including this one from a previous show....



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I fully agree. Twickenham tomorrow, gig number seventeen for me...
And that was rather splendid. Excellent opening set from Bokassa, Ghost were practically second headliner. As for Metallica- one or two songs that have been on the other setlists this tour would have been nice, but still they dug out a few gems that haven't been played in a while. Over two hours of quality. Now on a train back to Waterloo- took an hour to get to the station- and rather glad I'm not heading home tonight!
Beach Boys at Royal Albert Hall. With added fight 2 seats along from us :boxing:. Woman wouldn't shut up, so the man in front asked her to stop talking. She got her phone out, lent over to take his photo (why ?) and he knocked it out of her hand and it went from the Rausing Circle all the way down to the stalls. Bit unfortunate if it hit someone. :blush:

Not the best of images, sorry
Last night, Manchester Apollo
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Didn't really like the support act, it seemed to be a cross between 'metal' & punk, played with a semi-acoustic (Gretsch) & a 'slap-bass'
The Living End

First on the Cats set list was
Cat Fight (Over A Dog Like Me) - first track on new CD
Secondly, their first single release in this country; Runaway Boys ^_^ (also on the eponymously titled first LP, from 1981)

Fourth track was 'Stray Cat Strut'
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