What Have You Fettled Today?


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Mug of Tea is essential ! :tongue:

Erm, gave the bike a quick wipe with a wet wipe this am. :whistle:

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hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Last night (as posted elsewhere) I fettled as follows:

I've just fitted to the old TCR:

1 x 52T Ultegra chainring
1 x 42T Ultegra Chairing
1 x 12-25 Tiagra block (OK, at £15 it was a bargain c/w £40 for Ultegra and a 20g saving)
1 x KMC Chain

Then a wipe-over with an oily rag.
Then as the rear brake cable was sticking, I dismantled the rear cabling, cleaned and replaced (blimey aren't STI levers complex ....).
Fitted my new 'Magicshine' and went for a test-ride.

2 bottles cold yellow beer consumed plus 1 veg stir-fry.

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I am always impressed by anyone who can fettle with minimum swearing. Unfortunately it's the most used tool in my box.


How much does it cost to Oldham?
Get on with that kitchen - you finished it yet ? Will you be allowed to go to your own doo on Saturday yet ?
Yeah cheers for that. :angry::blink:

New door hole made monday new door in tuesday.
Levelling the floor tonight.
Tearing up badly levelled floor tomorrow and relaying.
Our wedding reception saturday night.
New window in monday.
Driving to Strasbourg (apparently) tuesday till friday.
Plasterer in next thursday.
Tiles down next saturday.

Kitchen in christmas eve.

Better get the kettle on :idea:

AND i've gotta finish building the 'crosser to race a week sat!:ph34r:


Set up the front triple on my Hybrid, after a 30 mile outing in the sunshine on the road bike in the sunshine.
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