What have you found while riding?

roley poley

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when going down a hill at speed a sparrow flying out of a hedge trying to go through your front wheel and out the other side wont, what a mess and that was just in my shorts... sorry spuggy


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The caravan was quite a saga!
Like this?


Chris S

I found a Wilko rear light. I'd seen them in the shop but I didn't realize that one light in the pair was white and the other red. I was quite impressed by the amount of light it gave off. I don't know what battery life is like though.

Screenshot_2020-05-14 Wilko Front and Rear Silicon LED Bike Lights Wilko.png


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False teeth... to be fair they weren’t really lost. Whilst on a group ride one Sunday morning a colleague came to a sudden stop, we did a u turn to hear our friend trying to say his teef had fell out. A few minutes of looking and someone announced they had found some. In the blink of eye our friend popped them in and announced that ”they would do” and promptly sprinted off. Didn’t see him for a few months after that, never did ask if they were his.
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