What is your rescue remedy for cycle breakdowns miles from home?


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I've been with ETA Insurance for a few years and this thread prompted me to take a close look at the currently offered cover, here it is:

We will pay for transport for you and your bicycle to
the nearest
• Railway station
• Bicycle repair shop
• Car hire agency
• Hotel accommodation
• Your vehicle
• Your home if it is closer

I'm sure when it first came out they'd get you to your home up to 25 miles away, but now you're likely to find yourself dumped at a hotel or car hire agency amongst others. Seems like home is the last choice and only then if it's closest.

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Another content ETA policy holder here (not yet used, thankfully). Risk mitigation.
"We undertake to pay for the transport of the bicycle and you (if appropriate) to: • the nearest appropriate railway station; or,• the nearest suitable bicycle repair shop; or,• the nearest car rental agency; or,• the nearest hotel accommodation; or,• your vehicle; or, • home, if nearer."


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trains+bikes are getting harder every year in the UK - especially without a booking. :sad:
True of inter-city type routes but I find where I cycle (Kent, Surrey, Sussex) I can rock up at a station and just get on a train (engineering works permitting).
True of inter-city type routes but I find where I cycle (Kent, Surrey, Sussex) I can rock up at a station and just get on a train (engineering works permitting).
tis true in the south, somewhat more problematical in the north for over half a century.
My worst ever incident strangely was on a london local shopping trip just days ago - tube blew and with it took the tyre off the wire beading - no way of fixing that - was but just a short walk to get a direct overground to my local station.
My other big incident was also local london - a sidewall blew when I was leading a ride London to Brighton. Happened just a few miles from home so I was able to borrow a bike from one of my faithful/foolish followers, pedal home to my garage and return with a new tyre.
Me (and London) I think have a guardian angel.


Most of my cycling is in or around Glasgow , so I won't use the ETA insurance if there's a problem.
Walking to the nearest train station is probably a quicker option.
A couple of times over the years I've just stopped a black cab and got in with my bike.
Home in minutes.

But I do keep the ETA policy going for the occasional venture into the countryside


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edit: I always look on a puncture as an opportunity to learn something. One time, it motivated me to get some better tyres (upgrade from some generic decathlon ones to schwalbe marathons). Another time I decided to give tyre liners a try; with very good results.

I wrote a thread about it: https://www.cyclechat.net/threads/in-praise-of-tyre-liners.230726/

I remember walking several miles in cycling shoes (fortunately I had the mountain bike recessed cleat type so I was able to walk; if I had had the keo grip type I would have been a bit stuffed). Another time, I spent 30 mins in a ditch in the rain in the middle of the berkshire countryside with a patch kit.
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999. Just break an ankle or similar non essential bone and then call for an ambulance. Problem solved. I did recently ride 90 minutes home on a total flat due to a combination of catastrophic puncture and having failed to pack a hand pump. I managed a partial repair with a tyre worm but of the 3 co2 cannisters that I had with me, I wasted 2 finding out that the sidewall had a 5p size rip in it, and by rationing the final cannister I managed to get another 5 miles before the tyre totally flatted. I doubt I will ever forget the hand pump again. Thankfully, being a tubeless evangelist, the tyre bead stayed seated in the rim so despite a tyre write off, the rim rolled about 10 additional miles with no damage to the rim.
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