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Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Thomson, 7 Feb 2018.

  1. Drago

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    That's torn it!
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  2. vickster

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    Back on topic... @Thomson you could also read here. 10 miles isn’t an atypical commute distance

  3. Fenrider

    Fenrider Is't far you ride?

    I reckon the first specifically made-for-cycling item of clothing to consider buying would be shorts. Wearing cycling shorts enables you to ride further without the discomfort of chafing. Also, because you won't be suffering from chafing in the first place, you don't have to take time off to recover from it, so you can ride more frequently.
    Most of the other clothing worn for cycling can be generic, the same sort of stuff you'd wear for walking outdoors.
  4. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    Always good to avoid cotton, especially if it's hot as it holds the sweat. Wicking (synthetic, bamboo or merino) fabrics are good for staying less sweaty. I find running/gym type tops perfectly fine as baselayers or main layers. Cycling jerseys can have groovier designs if that's your thing and pockets (not that I really use them as I don't like having stuff next to my lower back)

    Personally I tend to wear cycling shorts all of the time for comfort, but can be under other clothes. If it's a very short ride and I'd need to change (like a doctor appointment), I won't bother
  5. yogiblair

    yogiblair Active Member

    I started cycling in October 2017, initially on on short rides with shorts and t-shirt, but am now a fully fledged member of the middle age lycra club. I have bought quite a lot from Wish, it comes from the far east and you have to upsize but in general good quality and great value for money.
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  6. MichaelW2

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    For 10 miles, I wear ordinary clothes, usually some polycotton hiking trousers. Beyond about 15 miles, padded shorts can be useful but you can wear them as underwear.
  7. LeetleGreyCells

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    Never heard of Wish before. Just looked them up. Prices are good. How many sizes up do you add? Just one size or more?
  8. yogiblair

    yogiblair Active Member

    I am usually XL in the UK, XXXL is required from wish, although the more I cycle I am starting to look like I might squeeze in to a skimpy little XXL number!!

    First one I bought was XL and too small, and after complaining that I had measured from the charts and it still didn’t fit, they gave me a full refund, no questions asked and I got to keep the items which I gave to a mate.
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    In mid season ie spring,autumn I wear Ron Hill bikesters as comfortable but not so tight as to be unsightly. Winter something I got from Aldi/Lidl a bit thicker but again not tight. Summer baggyish shorts. On top merino base from Lidl and a fake merino top again from Lidl. Altura jacket finally which is waterproof and surprisingly breathable. Gloves and hat to suit but no polystyrene magic hat.
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    Ultima Thule
    For ten miles I just wear normal clothes. Mind my ten milers tend to include a pub at 7 miles.
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  11. mjr

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    Padded cycling shorts are an excellent way to move the chafing around and possibly, depending on the shape of your nethers compared to what the pad designer was expecting, to chafe entirely more uncomfortable places. :blush: They're also a great way to hold sweat against the skin if you can't get changed soon before/after cycling. For everyday cycling, I feel it's better to get a comfy saddle, wear less insulating underwear and sweat less if you can.

    I think the first made-for-cycling item to consider should probably be gloves (winter) or mitts (summer). Then possibly a buff, which is less prone to moving around than a scarf you might otherwise wear.
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  12. Afnug

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    Ignore this advice, a good pair of padded shorts will enhance your cycling enjoyment immensely if you are covering any distance, and the fitter you get the more sweat you will loose.
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  14. Alan O

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    When I saw this thread starting, I thought that by the time we got to 3 or 4 pages, every garment in existence would have been suggested, and we'd have arguments in favour and against every one... and we're getting there ;)

    Instead of telling you to wear what I wear, let me suggest a way for you to decide what's best for you...

    Go out on longer rides wearing whatever you'd wear on your 3-mile rides, and do that until part of you feels uncomfortable in some way. If it's your bum getting sore, explore padded cycling shorts/pants. If you're getting too sweaty up top, look at cycling jerseys made from wicking fabrics. If it's hard to get the right degree of warmth, think about the layered approach of multiple thin layers (and carry an extra one or two in your bag). If your hands get cold or sore, look at gloves. (And if you keep falling off and banging your head, consider a helmet :whistle:)

    That was essentially my approach, and it's led to my wearing a variety of things, some cycling-specific and some just ordinary clothing. But the key thing is that different things suit different folks. For example, I'm blessed with a steel scranus and don't wear padded shorts, but my hands feel pressure very easily and I do need good padded gloves. You'll very likely be different.
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  15. bpsmith

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    How about just going naked. If you keep getting arrested then buy some clothes. If not.:whistle:
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