What's everyone riding?


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I'm posting from East Coast US, and ride road, and light trails.

My roadie is a 1987 Trek 560, a nice bike for a not-so-small (210 lbs.) fella. 531, 105 components, Biopace crank..not a bad bike, though not exactly what anyone is racing on. The point for me is to just get outside. I also have an even older Schwinn World Sport that is my rain/light trail bike...it's got touring wheels to take the bumps and give me better rain traction, and I don't fret about getting rusted (I'd just buy another frame for $50 and switch everything over).

So, what else is anyone else riding?


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Dumas, TX
I ride a Lemond Reno. I have only had it for 2 months. Before that I rode a Schwin Crossfit for 22 years. I am really loving my first rode bike!


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I dont know what mine is. Its old, i know that much. but its still going, so i shouldnt complane.

I often pass cycleshops and look at the shiney new ones in the window. One of these days ...


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Why not, Bob? I say go for it! If you haven't spent money on a bike lately, don't you think it's time? You work hard, don't ya? At least it's something that is healthy for you.


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Serenity said:
If you haven't spent money on a bike lately, don't you think it's time?
I'll say this...sometimes getting an improvement is not so much spending a ton as spending some time looking. Rummage sales, classifieds... Basically, old ladies that don't know how to use the internet are EASY PICKINS. :blush:

dafty d

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hey to all on this new site,am dafty d a newbie to this site,i ride a litespeed pavia full carbon dream machine and its great! :blush:


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Peak District
I ride a veloce-equipped Bianchi road bike. It's not that light to say I'm a climber, but then I weigh only 51 kg so overall it works out pretty light.


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Frozen North
I have a Lemond Nevada City and a Cannondale Synapse with Mavis askiums and Michelin Pro race tyres. and aerobars. The Cannodale rides well and is fast. Th eLemond is used for winter training.


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High Shields
I have two GT's; Avalance 00/merlin special built myself, budget but decent mx comps, FSA kit Marura discs (not impressed with) deore/lx merlin mavics etc

2000 GT timberline classy steel allrounder/off road/tourer, kona project 2, 1.5 slicks rack & mudguard eyes for touring...done C2C twice would not sell, ever :blush:


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I ride the following:

For commuting, club riding and sportives: Blue (that's a US maker not the colour!) 4AL compact frame, with Campag Centaur / Veloce mix.

For light touring, utilty riding and occasionally for commuting: Planet-X Kaffenback (the old blue dragon style) with Campag Mirage / Xenon mix.

For XC and winter training: Titus Motolite2 FS frame with various scavenged components (Shimano XT/XTR, old Hope Mini-mono's, DT Swiss wheels etc.)

I also have a pile of components that used to be my 'beast': a heavy hardtail MTB that I used for training whilst I was in Japan. It's basically an old Merlin Malt 1 frame and a very old set of Pace forks, with a fairly new FSA single ring crankset. Available for sale if anyone wants any of it!
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