Whats happened to RIBBLE ?


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I’m due to collect my new bike from Ribble tomorrow, all attempts at confirming this are failing as any contact with their ‘"Customer Service “ number puts you in touch with a script reader that says the computers are up dating and I would receive an email early next week.
Exactly the same answer as when i called them early last week ....
Starting to get worried they’ve gone belly up !

Anybody else having problems ?


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If they have they forgot to take the advert off ITV4


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Wow. Just had a look at their website and virtually no stock of any components! Does seem strange even in the current climate.


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Not Ribble,
I was in Spa Cycles Harrogate on Saturday the guy serving (who was new to me) told me they ordered 60 pair of Shimano Brifters and got only six, plus disc brakes in short supply, he put in an order for a cassette for a time trialist, and they gave him a delivery date of March 2022?
I said you won't be selling many bikes then, he said they were selling loads as people were not prepared to wait and were compromising on parts.
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