Whats in a name

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Simba, 19 Apr 2010.

  1. emulsifier12

    emulsifier12 New Member

    I used to be a gamer and had an empty margarine tub on my desk with screws and things in. Someone had the same gamer name as me and I had to choose another. I looked at the tub and there we are. One of the ingredients on the tubs was emulsifier. It also sounded cool.
  2. jig-sore

    jig-sore Formerly the anorak

    my original name "the anorak" was first used on the mini forum and referrers to my fast knowledge of the classic mini. however, due to a lot of people sprouting nonsense information "the anorak" soon became a miserable grumpy character rivaled only by Victor meldrew.

    having left that all behind now i wanted a change.

    Jig-sore comes from the saw films. the killer is known as jigsaw but i changed it to jig-sore as thats how my butt feels most of the time.
    it also fits nice with the little creepy puppet on the bike avatar
  3. lady_rider

    lady_rider New Member

    Norf Yorkshire
    I is a lady, and I does ride bikes. And I couldn't think of anything else as I joined this forum for a rant after a confrontation with a driver, so my brain was mush. Glad I didn't opt for mushybrain...
  4. Bond

    Bond New Member

    I was watching james bond.
  5. Mark_Robson

    Mark_Robson Senior Member

    You could have been drinking Tea :ohmy:
  6. Salad Dodger

    Salad Dodger Veteran

    Kent Coast
    Was 17 stone just after Xmas. Not for nothing was I called Salad Dodger!

    Now down to 16 stone 2 and weight is still reducing slowly, and stamina and bike handling improving little by little. So it's all good.

    Mrs Salad is also losing weight slowly and steadily, and her bike stamina is improving too.
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