What's the most useful bike accessory you have bought?

Taking the essentials, puncture stuff, lights, main clothing etc out of the equation...

the most useful cannot do without item I have bought is my bikehand maintenance stand.

10 seconds to put up and hours of fighting with the bike on the ground saved.
Apart from basic maintenance and odd fettling, I have stripped down, rebuilt and setup all three of my bikes, most recently my roadie using the Bikehand.

Just this afternoon, in 45 minutes I have degreased the cassette, gears, chainrings n chain, washed and re-lubed then adjusted the gears.
Without the stand I would have added an hour, lots of swearing and at least one Elastoplast!
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My vanity spy mirror, swap it between 2 bikes and always really miss it if I forget :thumbsup:


My pink basket, I've saved more than it cost by being able to cycle to the cheaper shops and load up!
Also couldn't live without the cycle computer.
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