What's the strangest thing you've had thrown at you from a passing car?


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Manchester way
Nothing from a car. A couple of snowballs and stones from kids over the years.

I used to have a smart lunar 25 light on my helmet. I heard one kid shout out to another with a can of drink about to be launched at me, 'not him, he's got a camera on there'


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Nothing physical. Bird in a bimmer once shouted "nice arse" at me as she overtook.


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Only ever had an empty coke bottle skitter past me as a car full of scrotes went past. May not even have been aimed at me...who knows ?
Not bad in circa 40 years of cycling.


A turnip.

Not from a car thankfully, but from the side of the road, thrown by a small child. Luckily it was like a shot put to him and only got half way to me.

He had a pile next to him so I guess I was not singled out and he was throwing them at all passing vehicles.



Market Rasen
When I was out on my motorbike many years back, I had someone empty a kiddies potty out the back window.
Luckily (?) it only contained liquids and no solids / semi-solids and most of it missed me. Even so, I was obviously not very chuffed and expresed my disapproval to the occupants as I came alongside them and I was greeted with a 2 finger salute from the (supposed) guilty party. I did think about trying to force them to stop somehow and "have words", but the driver looked to be a bit of a greb, so I thought better of it and passed them and left. I did think about reporting it, but decided that it would probaly be a waste of time and I didn't bother (my word against theirs and all that).
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