Wheel building , non offset hubs


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My Sputniks are like that. Not an issue.


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There often is a more obvious offset if you look inside the rim well (but it will appear to be the other way round).
I think he is talking about the hub flange drillings? I am surprised, but guess it will result in different length leading and trailing spokes?
this is the problem, l can't lace up the second side as the spokes holes are in the WRONG position, and as you say would require an (very ) odd set of spokes to build the second side .
one side can be built up with 180mm bit the second would need say 176/184 mm spokes

They are my thoughts

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Ah, gotcha. Is it a 3-piece hub? On old Airlites (for example) the flanges can be quite a loose fit on the barrel and may require offsetting before building the wheel. They won't move once laced and tensioned.

from the spoke through the holes you can see there is no offset for alternate hole lacing . The rim is a standard 28h 20" rim so harder to loose any problems


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Trying to think what we are missing here. I cant believe the hubs are drilled this way by accident, so there must be a method for lacing the wheel that deals with this satisfactorily?
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