1. Black Sheep

    How do I re-build / service hubs, what do I need?

    Howdo, I've got some 27 inch wheels which need a spoke replacing, they also could do with some TLC, I don't think they are sealed hubs, they don't look it. What do I need to service the hubs in terms of parts and working out the sizings if parts need replacing? The bike is a Raleigh...
  2. S

    Sturmey 4-speed FW hubs

    I've just been given a mystery ladies light roadster to cannibalise for parts. No idea who made it other than I'm fairly sure it isn't either Raleigh or Puch. Lugged construction with a flat plate between the chainstays for bolting on a propstand. I've cleaned all the oily filth off the rear...
  3. ren531

    2.4w dynamo hubs

    Anyone know if a dynamo hub with an output of 2.4w can power a decent set of front and rear lights or are they just suitable for front light only and would need a hub with an output of 3w to properly power front and rear lights .
  4. jamin100

    Train Station Cycling Hubs

    Going to be starting to cycle to the station soon and im in 2 minds as to whether to wrestle by bike onto the train and lock it at work, or leave it at the station. The station im using has one of those new (ish) cycling hub things which are keycard entry (which anyone can apply for) CCTV...
  5. EasyPeez

    Hub Choice - Future Proofing

    When it comes to choosing hubs for a wheel build, I was just wondering what kind of options are out there re: shims and adapters (which don't compromise performance or durability) to cater for changes in systems and measurements down the line? I'm weighing options up for a build at the moment...
  6. voyager

    Wheel building , non offset hubs

    Here is an unusual situation. I have a pair of 28h hubs and 28 hole rims. Went to build them up today and while lacing discovered that there is NO offset between the left and right hole drillings . amused - not a lot. Any ideas folks ?
  7. Edwardoka

    Hub bearings...

    Yesterday on a ride where my bike got caught in the rain and where I ended up doing a spot of inadvertent CX, my rear hub started making an alarming noise like a bag of spanners, first when freewheeling and later all the time. I know the hub races and bearings will need inspection and at a bare...
  8. Brandane

    Cycling through flood water.

    I hope this guy stripped and re-greased his hubs and bottom bracket after this bit of bravado.....
  9. ren531

    Anyone used Dynamo hubs

    I plan to do a full service on my winter bike over the summer a Islabike Beinn 29 ,I am thinking of getting a hub dynamo for it ,does anyone have any thoughts or experience with modern hub dynos ,what sort of drag effect do they have when in use or when off, is the weight penalty noticeable...
  10. derrick

    XDR Hubs

    What are the real benefits? View:
  11. Spoked Wheels

    148mm Boost hubs & Boost Cranksets

    After nearly 3 years and health issues, I'm well enough to resume my project do it all bike.... I've gone for the Hope Pro 4 148mm Boost rear hub. It's recommended to pair it with a boost chankset..... I have read comments that you can still run the hub with a standard crankset without...
  12. heliphil

    Disc brake hubs ( F & R) 6 bolt

    Disc brake hubs ( F & R) preferably Shimano but anything considered
  13. rrarider

    Campag Chorus hubs, maintenance and spares?

    In 1986 I had some bespoke wheels with Campagnolo Chorus hubs made. The bike has been lightly used recently and not ridden in bad weather. I noticed today that there was a lot of float in the bearing as the cones can't have been fully down. I think it was probably caused by them unscrewing when...
  14. jowwy

    ****Sold*****Hubs and cranks

    Novatec 28h hubs 6 bolt - QR ( not included ) Anodised red £35 pair - via paypal gift Truvatic descendant 170mm crankset 32t eagle chainring Gxp bb ( not included ) Used once but wrong chainline for the bike £65 - via paypal gift
  15. Stef 1

    Wheel bearing help please

    I've recently been experinceing brake judder on my front wheel (disk brakes). I couldn't find anything wrong with the brakes - disk not warped at all, pads and clearance seem okay. So I dug deeper. Front wheel is spinning freely, but perhaps not quite as freely / long as I'd like, although...
  16. Cuchilo

    Hope hubs

    Are they any good ? I'm having trouble with one of my training wheels and have suggested the builder just rebuilds it with a new hub rather than trying to fix the old one .
  17. PHL67

    Nice Vintage Campagnolo Record hubs

    Fantastic condition Record hubs. 32h front. 36h rear. Smooth no play. Please see pictures for condition. Ideal L'eroica wheel build. Message me if interested. Many thanks.
  18. PHL67

    Nice Vintage Campagnolo Record hubs

    These hubs are in very good condition. Run tight and smooth. Have very minor marks in line with use but look like new. Please see pictures for condition. Sorry no skewers. 32 front / 36 rear. Rear wheel right for 6 speed freewheel. Ideal L'eroica build. Message / Offer me if interested
  19. PHL67

    Miche Primato hubs

    Miche Primato hubs on Mavic MA2 rims in a very good used condition. These are for sale if anyone interested. Please personal message me if interested. 32 hole track hubs. Nice and clean spokes and rims. Please see pictures for condition.
  20. kingrollo

    Campag Khamsin Hubs

    I brought some new campag khamsin wheels just before xmas. Due to ice etc I've probably used them about 3 times. When cleaning the bike the other day I noticed that the rear wheel doesn't spin for a long as the font. I've backed off the brakes etc, but the rear doesn't spin anywhere near as...
  21. confusedcyclist

    Road or MTB hubs for cyclocross wheel build?

    Couple of questions: Do cyclocross wheels usually feature road or mountain bike hubs? I'm assuming there's no such thing as cyclocross specific hubs? I'm looking for 6 bolt disc hubs, 28 spoke (front) and 32 spoke (rear), can anyone make any suggestions on particular models that won't break...
  22. woodbutcher

    Maillard hubs

    I have front and rear Maillard hubs going spare. Fitted with a Maeda Ind. Suntour Perfect 14-22 5 speed. I know l will never use them so if anyone is interested l am after 25 euros for the lot plus postage. I don't yet know how much that would be but will find out.
  23. EasyPeez

    SS Disc Hubs

    Just having a browse at components with an eye on a possible wheel build for my single speed disc brake bike next year, and wondered what people riding similar use and would recommend. The bike will mainly be used for commuting so good bearings, general durability and ease of maintenance are my...
  24. S

    Noisy hubs when freewheeling

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new bike and add to the frameset myself. My main concern is avoiding buzzing hubs, like the Hope hubs on Mavic wheels. I've currently got some very old Shimano hubs on my road bike, that are sweet and silent. I was just wondering if there were any known hubs that ran...
  25. Jason

    cycle hubs in London

    With my new lease of cycling interest, I'm once again keen to commute into London. The issue is not working at a fixed place of work,but all within Central London, visiting customers Previously I carried everything i required on the bike, but a slow pace didn't stop me looking a little...
  26. Okeydokey

    Hubs Sora - 105 5800 spacing

    I wonder if you anyone can tell me, if I replace my back wheel which has a 9 speed Sora cassette with a wheel that has a 11 speed hub (105 5800) is there a detriment, i.e. does it working, rely on the derailleur stop setting, to prevent the chain coming off? I don't want to change the group...
  27. S

    Flanged hubs

    Flanged hubs were very popular in the fifties & sixties, but went out of fashion. I must admit I've always thought they look good on a road bike with a decent chromoly frame, but what was the idea behind them and was there actually any particular advantage / drawback to them - ?
  28. oldgreyandslow

    Cassette Body Damage

    My Novatec hub cassette body is showing signs of wear, some indentations on the raised parts, I've only run Ultegra cassettes so was surprised to see this wear after only 4000 miles or so. See pic Is this normal? Do I need to replace the cassette body or have I a bit more life left yet? Thanks
  29. rogerzilla

    BHC Airlite hubs - how tight are your flanges?

    Oo-er missus. Mine can be pulled off easily by hand although they press into place without play. In a built wheel I assume there is a colossal amount of force holding them in place (and keeping the holes in phase relative to the rim), especially in a front wheel where the flanges are further...
  30. L

    Rear Axle Problem

    This rear axle has a cross threaded lock nut...which is the red bit....Sealed bearings...On using the back wheel associated with it the cones came loose and I found the cross threaded lock nut which even the bike shop could not release... This is a hollow axle of approx 170cm so what I really...
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