1. Nibor

    For Sale Shimano RS400 fronmt and rear Hubs 32H Rim £40 tyd

    Hi I have a pair of Shimano RS400 hubs 32H Rim brake style as new unbuilt but grey stock so no boxes I no longer need them so selling for what they cost £40 delivered I will get you pictures of the actual hubs if you need them
  2. olivertomberry

    SOLD Handbuilt DT Swiss 421 700c Wheels, Bitex Centrelock Disc Hubs - price reduced to £250

    Selling these lovely custom handbuilt, lightweight wheels, built by a renowned UK wheel builder. These were originally purchased for a gravel bike build project but are now no longer required, as I have decided to use 650b. Ridden less than 20 miles. They are ideal for general road riding but...
  3. Rusty Nails

    Vintage rear hubs

    I have two 36h hubs that will never be built up. A Pelissier rear hub, plus I believe a Maillard Helicomatic QR rear hub with a 5 speed freewheel. Possibly 60s or70s vintage, but don't quote me. I do not have the bottle opener freewheel spanner. They both run freely and smoothly. I will send...
  4. B

    Enviolo gear hubs

    Hi does anyone know about these gear hubs.
  5. nlmkiii

    Rear hub advice / Possibly Miche Primato Syntesi (but a sourcing issue!)

    Heya! Been using a rear wheel with Miche Primato Syntesi, and a Mavic OpenPro rim. Only had it built about 2000km ago, but the hub (which had more like 15000km on it) finally gave way. I ideally want to replace like for like to save on new spokes, but I can't find one of these rear hubs...
  6. Lpoolck

    Are these hubs serviceable?

    The hubs in question are from my boardman team mtb (2011). They don't feel rough when spinning the wheel in my hand, but as I'm not sure if they have ever been serviced (purchased the bike second hand), I thought I'd strip them down even just to give the hub a clean and re-grease. I can get one...
  7. P

    Novatec hubs

    The front wheel on my 2019 Vitus Energie has lateral play, looks like the bearings are shot. The wheels are WTB rims on Novatec hubs, are these serviceable?
  8. R

    Building a truing stand ?

    I have a background in metalwork and welding and want to built a wheel truing stand, nothing fancy but must be steel not wood and as good as a basic Park tool one. Can anyone tell me what features I need to design into it and what makes a good one, especially im thinking about how the...
  9. D

    Can anyone identify these hubs?

    I've been given a pair of hubs which I'm trying to identify. I think the rear is an 8 speed cassette hub. 24 spokes. The front is 20 spokes. There are no marks apart from the three lines shown, and some small stamping which may be the letter I and A. Does anyone know what these are?
  10. C

    waterproofness of nexus hubs

    I would like to build a nexus geared hub into my ancient Raleigh Discovery MTB and will be using it to commute on across fields, gritty cycle paths and thru sheep poo. I wondered if anyone has advice about how good these hubs are at keeping out the splosh? I have an alfine on my circe tandem but...
  11. Rhysito

    Rear Hubs

    I need to replace my rear wheel and hub, but I want avoid hubs which are really noisy (click, click, click). Does anyone have any advise? Thanks, Steve
  12. BSOh

    Campagnolo mirage groupset and set of Mavic/Suntour hubs

    As title, 8 speed campagnolo mirage groupset. Taken off a bike bought, but tested before removing and all fully working. Will need a clean. 8 speed ergopower shifters, marked as per photo's but fully working. Rubber worn but no tears. Front mech, and rear mech (rear mech is 9 speed medium I...
  13. DCBassman

    ***SOLD***27x1.25 Rigida Alloys on Maillard Large Flange Hubs, set. 36h, QR.

    Tyres are toast, not included, but 3 tubes are. Freewheel is 5-speed 14-34. Skewers a bit rusty. £35 delivered.
  14. S

    Oiling a Sturmey Archer hub

    I oiled my long neglected Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub because the bike was jumping out of gear and wouldn't stay in first gear at all. I read online that I shouldn't use WD-40 and that 3-in-1 oil was also not recommended, even though many people use it, but rather thin engine oil was best. So I...
  15. jifdave

    Enve SES 5.6 Chris king hubs clincher Shimano 11 speed

    Brand new unused ENVE SES 5.6 Wheelset - Chris King Hubs clincher Shimano 11 speed They were purchased to go on my current bike but Covid has struck. looking for £2500 or a good offer.
  16. Proto

    Where to buy hubs?

    Probably getting a bit ahead of myself, havent built anything yet, but I’ve been looking online for hubs, and there doesn’t seem to b3 a lot of choice. Disc specific, through axle, Shimano freehub. I can find Novatec and Hope, but not much else. I like the look of Miche but Cycle Clinic are sold...
  17. B

    Hope rear hubs questions

    Hi all . Looking for some technical knowledge/help please. I am using Hope hubs with both Shimano and Campagnolo free bodies on different bikes . I understand there maybe some differences in the design of these other than the spline pattern .ie depth of the cassettee barrel?and also the number...
  18. biggs682

    Wanted pr of 36 hole hubs incl free hub .

    If anybody has a set of matching 36 hole hubs including a free hub ideally 8+ speed and shimano splined and 130 rear oln please let me know not fussed if black or silver for an upcoming project if i can amass the right parts for this frame .
  19. avecReynolds531

    Grimeca hubs?

    Does anyone have these hubs or know about them? I've never heard of them until this week. I'm struggling to find information about Grimeca's bicycle production. The company is Italian and were mostly involved in motorbike parts - including work with Morini (dreamy 350 Sport), Ducati (the...
  20. Shropshire65LW

    Rear Cassette and Hubs question

    this may be a stupid question i have a specialized crosstrail hybrid, i want to replace the components as they have seen there life in a unloved bike i bought ...compatibility seams a complicated thing im going to replace my rear cassette , but believe my Hub determines what i can fit .. I...
  21. jifdave

    ENVE SES 3.4 Centerlock Disc Wheelset - Chris King Hubs

    Brand new still in the box. I purchased these ahead of my 2021 frame build but due to a change in work circumstances the build isn't going ahead and i don't currently own a disc brake bike. Paid £3150 for them from...
  22. Venod

    Converting Formula Hubs to QR

    I have just taken some wheels off my Cannondale Synapse they are 12 x 100 front and 12 x 142 rear fitted with 30mm tubeless tyres, I was going to use them on my other bike, I can convert the front to QR easily I am still searching for a solution for the rear, Formula Hubs, WTB i19 rims, WTB Tan...
  23. R

    Dust Cap for hubs

    Hello good people, My son have had a minor accident at low speed on his Triban road bike. After the accident the low cost no-name hubs seized and wheels just froze. I have opened the hubs removed the ball bearings and the dust caps given it a good clean, regreased everything and put everything...
  24. Black Sheep

    How do I re-build / service hubs, what do I need?

    Howdo, I've got some 27 inch wheels which need a spoke replacing, they also could do with some TLC, I don't think they are sealed hubs, they don't look it. What do I need to service the hubs in terms of parts and working out the sizings if parts need replacing? The bike is a Raleigh...
  25. S

    Sturmey 4-speed FW hubs

    I've just been given a mystery ladies light roadster to cannibalise for parts. No idea who made it other than I'm fairly sure it isn't either Raleigh or Puch. Lugged construction with a flat plate between the chainstays for bolting on a propstand. I've cleaned all the oily filth off the rear...
  26. ren531

    2.4w dynamo hubs

    Anyone know if a dynamo hub with an output of 2.4w can power a decent set of front and rear lights or are they just suitable for front light only and would need a hub with an output of 3w to properly power front and rear lights .
  27. jamin100

    Train Station Cycling Hubs

    Going to be starting to cycle to the station soon and im in 2 minds as to whether to wrestle by bike onto the train and lock it at work, or leave it at the station. The station im using has one of those new (ish) cycling hub things which are keycard entry (which anyone can apply for) CCTV...
  28. EasyPeez

    Hub Choice - Future Proofing

    When it comes to choosing hubs for a wheel build, I was just wondering what kind of options are out there re: shims and adapters (which don't compromise performance or durability) to cater for changes in systems and measurements down the line? I'm weighing options up for a build at the moment...
  29. voyager

    Wheel building , non offset hubs

    Here is an unusual situation. I have a pair of 28h hubs and 28 hole rims. Went to build them up today and while lacing discovered that there is NO offset between the left and right hole drillings . amused - not a lot. Any ideas folks ?
  30. E

    Hub bearings...

    Yesterday on a ride where my bike got caught in the rain and where I ended up doing a spot of inadvertent CX, my rear hub started making an alarming noise like a bag of spanners, first when freewheeling and later all the time. I know the hub races and bearings will need inspection and at a bare...
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