1. biggs682

    Shimano hb rm50 hub bearing covers

    Anybody have some number 8's as in the picture below suitable for a Shimano Exage hb rm50 front hubs or any idea where i can get some from please
  2. slowmotion

    USB hubs

    I need to get a mains powered USB hub. I don't play computer games so lightning speed isn't much of an issue. I'll just connect a printer, mice, keyboard, an MP3 player etc and charge my bike lights, cameras, and extremely stupid phone. The usual guff. Do I really need a USB 3.0 hub? I can...
  3. simon.r

    Thru-axle road hubs - What's out there?

    I'm struggling to identify hubs / wheelsets which are thru-axle compatible. I believe I need hubs which are 12mm x 142mm rear and 15mm x 100mm front, with disc mounts (preferably Shimano spline pattern) and to take an 11 speed cassette. Rims need to be 700c, capable of taking a tyre up to...
  4. Kevinski66

    Campagnolo record hubs + GP4

    Hi all, Some advice needed i recently bought a pair of Mavic GP4's(tubs) with stainless spokes(aero front) on Campagnolo record hubs, bearings are excellent and the rims are straight and true, there is surface rust around the eyelets on the rims and the hubs could do with a good polish, i would...
  5. bladesman73

    road bike hubs maintenance

    how often do you service your hubs? have had my campag wheels for 18 months now. should i get them services, bearings greases etc?
  6. rugbyleaguebiker

    Mavic MA3 wheelset shimano 105 hubs £30

    Mavic ma3 rims with shimano 105 hubs, in extremely good used condition. They are both perfectly true and the hubs are super smooth. These are a very strong, light and smooth rolling wheelset, There is a 9 speed shimano 105 cassette that can be included or I will remove if you wish, the skewers...
  7. EasyPeez

    Hope Hubs

    Hi, I'm looking at having some wheels built. This is a medium-term project so I won't be buying the parts just yet, but would appreciate advice on the hubs. Hope have been recommended to me by @Yellow Saddle and others, so just wondered if people riding Hopes could let me have their thoughts...
  8. U

    Want to be sure about correct parts

    Im about to buy new wheel bearings for my American Classic Victory 30s. They were purchased in 2012 if that matters. These are the wheel bearings Im planning on buying. Having looked at the wheels and also measured the outer race of the front bearings (15mm), Im quite confident these are the...
  9. Doyleyburger

    Would new hubs transform my wheels ?

    Is it worth it or not ? Been toying with this idea but not overly convinced it's financially worth it, what with all the great wheelset deals about at the moment. The stock PR2 wheels on my Giant are OK enough but don't roll all that great, and the rims are fine as I don't care much for all...
  10. ozboz

    Vintage hubs

    Hi all, Happy New Year , well the '28 frame is in the paint shop , still a bit undecided over colours though , anyway , from the 1928 - early thirties what Hubs would have been the main manufacturers ? I may well get spoked wheels from CC to build me some wheels , id like to get parts from the...
  11. Philimoreto_8


    105 1055 7 speed nos hubs couple of marks where spokes sat. Pm me if interested offers
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