When and how far do you go cycling?

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As i've only just started out, I'm breaking myself in easily to cycling.

I go out at around 6.30am every morning unless it's absolutely lashing it down, and I'm currently doing 5 miles of mixed climbing and flats. I'd like to go further but at the minute I just don't have the time before I need to leave for work, but i'm starting to feel like 5 miles isn't enough.

How often do you ride, how far do you ride, and what time of day do you ride?


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I normally go out at about 11:00 or 12:00 because it is the school holidays. I do about 10 - 15 miles of flats and rather steep ups (so I can go down the other side :tongue:).
I then get back about 14:00 - 15:00 depending how fast I go and if I stop off along the way.
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Raging Squirrel

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wish I could do that. I've got to be back by 7am to walk the dogs, get showered and dressed for work, then make some lunch, then I've got to get my mum u and make sure she's alright and has everything she'll need for the day, then I have to leave the house by 8.20am to go pick up my brother and drop him off at work before I start at 9am


Around 10-1030 am usually in summer-ish times, generally 40km to 100km or so, weekdays. Allows time for chores later in the day.
In winter I head out around 9am due to short days hereabouts, generally for 40 to 60km but further sometimes.
Allows time to thaw out before supper.

I work offshore, so when home the days are all mine.
I prefer to go out in the evening as that's when am at my best, in the morning I tend to feel sick. If I'm doing a really hard balls out ride I tend to do around 40 miles, but now and again I like to just get into a steady 18mph and do 100 or more, sometimes I just stick some music on and like to ride until I get bored, or until my arse starts to sting.


Generally early evening. After the rush hour and before dinner. Sunday mornings are usually a 10 am out.
I have the house to myself and no work for the next 17 days!!!!!!
The plan is an early start tommorow, i hope to do a pb of over 32 miles


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I try to do 10 to 15 miles every other day and 25 to 30 every Sunday with my riding buddy. Very flat here, I keep my cadence at 80+ and speed between 14-17 MPH. This is difficult to due because the wind is usually blowing 10-12 MPH every day. At least on the days I ride!

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I like to get out in the morning before work as well. It's best to be out by 5.45, which lets me do 30-40 miles up to 3 times a week.


I work from home quite often, and when I do I try to get out for 60-90mins at lunchtime (around 25miles), weather permitting. Weekends I play swapsy with the wife, where I will look after the kids one morning (up to say 2pm) whilst she has a lie-in, then the other weekend day, she will take the kids whilst I go out and do 70+ miles.

This week I've been on holiday, mostly looking after the kids, but thursday I was lucky to get the whole day to myself and got out for 120miles (at avg of 19.8mph) :heat:.


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I cycle to work, which is only three miles away but I do try and extend that distance if I can. Saturday is always rest day and Sunday morning I get a couple of hours in. I fool myself that I could cycle much farther but don't have the time :smile:

Looking at Strava it would appear that I have averaged about 60 miles a week for the last couple of months.
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As I have kids, I tend to use my commute as training/base miles. I ride a minimum of 8.5 miles each way most days which I will extend if I get the chance. I then try to get out for a longer ride of 40 to 60 miles at the weekend. I average about 125 to 150 miles a week.
In the evening if the weather's fine I'll try and go out, but this would probably only be once a week at best.

This puts me in the weekend warrior category of rider, Sunday mornings is my preferred time when I go out, (again weather permitting), and I do anywhere from 30 to 50 miles. Last Sunday though I did my first imperial century which impressed me no end.

I'll actually be out today as the chance has arisen, and have a 45 mile route planned which takes in the Ironman UK bike route, (well one lap of it anyway :whistle:)

[EDIT] HERE's the route from today, ended up slightly longer :thumbsup:


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15 miles, three days a week either 5:30am or 9:00pm. Plus a 30 miler on either saturday or sunday morning around 6:00am.

Aim for an hour run during the week and 2 hours at the weekend.


Being retired I am able to avoid the rush hour/school run so I generally leave home about 0930 to 1000. My rides vary between 20 and 50 miles depending how I feel and my mood. Since all the training I did for the Dunwich Dynamo my regular rides have become longer and most of them average around 30 miles with an occasional longer one thrown in for luck. I ride 4 to 5 days a week although I have no set routine.
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