When is It too hot to go cycling?

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Not really as long as you drink plenty and cover your skin. Maybe 45+ would be an issue. I did an Ironman in 39 degrees and it was tough but I finished. Luckily I am slow so by the time I got to the run there was a shower and temperature down to about 30


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I've done some very hot rides in the French alps. One time climbing Col de la Colombieré in 38C, probably the hardest day on a bike I've ever had. Darting from tree to tree then the long drag for the final few KM with absolutely no shade at all. Once it hits 38C, you cannot cool down, the temperature is warmer than your core temp, you'd need a backup car with iced drinks following you, as the pros do.

So for me the answer is yes, as an amateur. Obviously you can ride to the local shops in +38C, I'm talking about longish rides mainly.

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When you can feel the tarmac sticking to your tyres.


i don't know about a maximum limit, but based on my winter bike rides and my 'summer' bike rides, my perfect temperature seems to be around 12⁰C. Even today's 20⁰C was a little uncomfortably warm. But then, I did choose to live in Scotland, so...


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I really struggled last Friday, Garmin reckoned about 35. I only did about 15 miles with a coffee break. Got a thumping headache after about 5 miles which took 24 hours to shift. 25ish is perfect for me

I’m off the bike now so not having to consider the temps


I was cycling in Holland last year when we all had the hottest temperatures of the year when it hit around 39 degrees but felt hotter. It probably was a bit to hit to fully enjoy, but it still better than mid January commute rides at -8.


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In Britain im sure most people could cycle on even the hottest days. Would it be enjoyable? Thats probably the question you should be asking. I plan to head out before 6am tomorrow morning so should be home before it reaches twenty degrees. I frequently start very early to enjoy the quieter roads. Avoiding the hotter temperatures will be a bonus.


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I have found it too hot at times when touring in mainland Europe, but never too hot at home.
I was just thinking this afternoon that summer had arrived, the patch of snow has disappeared off the Ben, and it was the first day this year that I was cycling with shirt sleeves rolled up.
Time to look out the semmit, it'll be needed shortly.:okay:
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