Where do you put your pump?


On longer rides (40 miles plus) I take 2 water bottles and there is no obvious place for my pump. I can pop it in my jersey but it sticks out quite a bit and I wonder if it could cause an injury if I come off the bike. I have identified the rear seat stays as possible candidates for the bracket but I fear It might look a bit silly there.
I have a holder that fits along side my water bottle cage


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Rule 30 - pocket for me !


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In my saddlepack (only about 150 mm long). When I used a longer one I strapped it under the saddle pack, with a toe-strap.


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Holder next to the bottle, if you want a hard object in your pocket if you fall off good luck to you .
Of course the velo rules are not meant to be taken to seriously :smile: i can add for commeuting the pump resides in a pannier.
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