Where we 'should' have gone on holiday. The situation there now.



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Yes, I know.
Serious question.
If you know, then why have you only got £60 back?


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Supposed to go to southern France but the outbound flight got cancelled. It was possible that we could have found a flight to another airport and driven to the villa but we de used that it wasn’t worth forcing it, facing uncertain shop and restaurant availability, uncertain quarantine rules so we cancelled everything and got most of our money back. BA were tricky to get hold of but when we did they refunded immediately. Travel insurance paid out for the lost deposit on the villa with just a £15/head excess. Car hire refunded with no issue.

We went camping in the Cotswolds in storm Francis instead. Survived too.


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Should be going to Florida in 6 weeks, celebrate my 60th & the grandkids would have been the same age as our kids when they first went, now it's all next year (hopefully)


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I don't really know but they're being very awkward. They won't answer any kind of communication next step the small claims court.
Who is being awkward? SAS?
Let your CC company handle it as a charge back.
Did the return get cancelled too? If not, that could be the issue


Should have been going to South Africa in June (Cape Town followed by safari), which was then postponed to October, but their borders are remaining closed to tourists until 2021 apparently, so it’s been postponed again until next May.

Ended up working through the two weeks in June I should have been off, but will take the October dates off - probably just do a few day trips to London or whatever attractions are nearby and open.
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