Which new stem?

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rich p

ridiculous old lush
I need to buy a new shorter stem but the price range is from £20 to £120. What do you get for the eextra money? 1 to 2 oz lighter, nicer appearance. How good can a stem be assuming the cheaper ones aren't prone to catastrophic failure? Or should I do what I normally do when I'm puzzled and go for middle of the road?


what length do you want?
I've got a 105mm one you can have for a tenner.

Steve Austin

The Marmalade Kid
Itm make some very good cheap stems. ideally find a stem that you can try in the right length and then buy a more expensive one that looks nice ;)


Ive some 130 stem and bars anyone can have for the postage it takes to sen d them as i just want 'away with them...
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