who counts as a hardcore commuter?


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someone at work said i must be "hardcore" to cycle commute all year round. however:
a) my commute is only 4.5m ew
:blush: my workplace has a nice changing room with shower
c) i have bikes for all weather
d) i have clothing suitable for most weather

so, hardcore my arse, i've no excuse not to.

which of you ARE hardcore then?
Not me I'm just lazy.

I only cycle 4.5miles too (and that's if I go the long way). Cycling all year round me means that on a cold and frosty moning I can get up at my usual time and just go, no scraping the car, looking for a parking space at the other end. Yeah clothes are important too mine shut out most elements I'd get more cold and wet waiting for a bus :blush:


not me, 3 miles ew, downhill in, UPHILL on the way home :-( .. I really don't like the wind though, this seems to be the one weather that kills me... haven't done a winter yet though


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I'm not either.

My commute is 13 miles e/w but I only manage this on a Monday and Tuesday and one of Wed to Fri. Showers too plus clothing as suits, but I only have one bike.

So I do about 80 miles a week but it's not a day after day thing that I know the HARDCORE on here do!!

John the Monkey

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Only started in September, but I've commuted every day (apart from 4 days when the bike was in the LBS for repairs). Commute is just under 8 miles in, and between 8.2 and 8.5 on the way back dependant on the route (if the nutters are out, I take a longer route on minor roads for the last leg).

I'm not intending to ride if/when it gets icy.

I don't think I'm hardcore, I'm only doing it because
a) I've usually spent the train ticket money on cycling stuff already and
:blush: My commute is the only way I can keep my mileage up on cyclogs :tongue:


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At about half a mile my commute is about as softcore as it gets, but I do do it all year round... (sometimes I walk though;))


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13 miles each way every day all weathers. Not sure if I qualify though ?


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Coventry UK
My commute is about 5 1/2 miles E/W three or four times a week.
It's quite easy really. Although I do have to use the Coventry ringroad:ohmy:
After seeing Richard hammond on top gear the other night, I reckon anyone commuting through London must be hardcore.


15 minute bike ride or 25 minutes in the car. No brainer really.
I think mine is probably somewhere in between. It isn't too far 5 miles e/w, but some would say Cycling through the Clyde Tunnel cycle path is a bit hard core, it's up hill nearly all the way home, and I don't take my time. I also cycle throughout the whole year, which when the wind is up certainly feels hard core!:blush:

I suppose looking at the incidents I post it may look more hard core than it really is. Last week or so has been almost incident free. Marvelous :tongue:
It certainly feels hardcore in the north wind with bits of ice flying into your eyes....freezing fog sticking your eyelids together with ice....rain so heavy you can't see across the street......

No showers at work either. so in the winter YES I AM HARDCORE!!!



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10 miles each way, all year round, 4 to 5 times a week, year after bl**dy year!

But i do have a nice shower, all the clothing, enough bikes for any weather (but not as many as my wife has pairs of shoes)..

Am i soft hardcore, or hard softcore? Or just medium core? Possibly mellow core? Marshmallow core?
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