Why do people hate mudguards so much?


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I've recently got caught a few times out in torrential rain going both to and from work recently and every time ended up with a huge black/brown stripe up by back and all over the back of my trousers.
I got one of those clip on rear mudguards and it's been great I no longer need to do an emergency wash and dry of my outer cycling clothes everytime I cycle in the rain.
I can't noticing a lot of people seem to really hate mudguards and think no bike should have them fitted. Why is that? I can get it if you're racing but surely for a commute it's a no brainer?


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I love them, in their correct setting. Got full mudguards on the commuter, extended fore and aft by another 6".


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I'm all for mudguards, means I only get wet when it is raining and not just because the roads are wet.
Plus more than just water thrown up by your tyres from the road.
Aesthetically, I prefer the mudguard-less look, but when you consider that it's not just "mud" which goes up your back and into your face, then mudguards seem to be the way to go.xx(


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love em on the commuter. front keeps my feet dryer than without and the rear stops me getting that wet stripe. on MTB only have one on the rear . road bike has none as i rarely go out in the rain on that
All my bikes have them on all the time. Sod what others may think about how they look, I like a dry arse.


For my commute I use front a rear. Saves getting natures excrement all up my back and keeps me relatively clean for when i get to work.
For weekend trails, I tend to leave them off as there is nothing better than getting a muddy!


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I've always preferred the look of bikes with mudguards on them, and always have them fitted. Also prefer the look of my backside and back after a wet or muddy ride when they're fitted.

Hear all sorts of tales of how they fall off, rattle, etc. I've not had a problem yet, in 50 years and around half a million miles riding. I do use Loctite though. I do need a new set at present after a little accident in my garage. There's a small hole in the back one (about 3mm dia) and in the rain it looks like a fountain.

I did take them off for Time Trialling when I did it a long time ago, that's because they weighed more than a femtogram.

Transmissions last longer with mudguards too.

On the other hand, with the exception of group rides, I think it's just a matter of personal choice so wouldn't want to criticise anyone who prefers not to fit them.


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I think this result was pretty much guaranteed on a commuting forum. Ask on a WWW forum, especially the "chronically unfit ride at 5am on a Sunday morning so no one can see me riding with the seat at the wrong height and no commuters on Grifters with a Steinberg piano in their rucsack will overtake me" subforum, and the result is guaranteed to be the opposite.

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I suspect the true answer is that, as none of the pro tour riders use them, then most clubs and groups consider them the work of the devil.

me included.

Its my own vanity I'm afraid, I'm happy to admit that and I consider the black muddy, horse-crappy stripe up my back to be the mark of a true rider^_^.

Just keepin it real (ducks)

edit. I also hate rattles of any description and would really, really hate rattly gaurds
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