Why do you cycle through the winter?

The fair weather cyclists are long gone, probably nice in toasty in their bedrooms, maybe using a power trainer and driving their cars in to work.

What keeps you out on your bike all winter long? For me, I started cycling to work in June and am so stubborn I'm not letting a bit of wind/rain/cold rainy stuff that's slippy stop me. Also I'm keen to be even fitter and stay in shape so I can finish next summer in even better shape. Getting rid of my car to save money too.

I'd like to hear why you're cycling this winter... Go! :hungry:


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I don't want to revert back to being a chubster.


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Having only returned to cycling about 14 months ago, and not being a youth anymore I'm keen to keep my cycling fitness levels up so that I'm not starting from scratch again in the Spring. I've set myself a winter target of 200 miles/month (half my summer target) and I am determined to keep to it whatever the weather. I don't commute on the bike so any riding is evenings & weekends.


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I usually ride all way through winter to help retain a decent level of fitness but I'm struggling to get motivated this year, my cycling mojo is certainly lacking.


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That London
Too much cake to discover


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I don't have much choice. I don't have a car, walking would take 1.5 - 2 hours each way and public transport would take 1 - 1.5 hours each was and cost more money so bike it is. If I stopped for winter though I'd never get back on again in spring. This way I'm just happy to be out in warmer weather of spring.

Having said all that I'd probably rather walk when it's raining. When it's really icy it's probably safer to walk despite what I said in another thread about my broken wrist, broken when walking on ice.
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