Wiggy's bike is up for auction


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why on earth would you sell that?
what a complete twit.


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The seller answers that question. He's a working man and could make better use of £10k than drooling over a bike.
yeah he could buy at least 8 nice bikes for that!!


It's a bit more complicated than that...
Wiggins is 6ft 3in tall. Anyone much shorter won't have a hope of being able to ride the bike safely.


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I don't understand why Sky and 'social networks' are disappointed in him selling the bike. Surely it belongs to him ergo he can do what he likes with it, especially if it's not going to be used and loved the way it should be and I imagine it would cost a fortune to insure?
I agree with Lulubel and the seller. Much as I'd love it, it would be absolutely amazing, I'd sell it. I couldn't justify sitting on ten grand that would make a genuine difference to me at the moment - it would have to be more about need than want!
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