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Anyone tried them, do they work? Ones like these off of Fleecebay Ebay Link I know in town they use ones with jiggle valves in or low pressure pumps in the back of vans. Our upstairs windows are awkward to get to as they are above a porch/bay window so this looks like a solution.

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Local self employed window cleaner? £6 a month here.


Not sure about the specific one in the link but I recently watched a school janitor (are they still a thing?) tackle a 3 storey sports hall which was cladded rather than windows but you could see how effortless it was and the difference it made. Never used anything like that myself though.

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Our window cleaner uses one to reach our top window, which is 3½ storeys up.


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Our window cleaner, English student, charges £11 per clean.
The Poles wanted £13!

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Unfortunately it's £15 around here & on the downstairs there is some lead work which they managed to damage & try to hide, they never came back although they still do surrounding houses.

Grim. Dishonest and good reason to do it yourselves. I bet if he/she had fessed up you wouldn’t have made them pay but you would have kept them. I’ll ask my neighbour as he has some.


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Our window cleaner got a hand pumped pole brush after he'd snapped some of our gutter brackets off using his ladders- not as good a job but at least the windows get a wash
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