wobble wobble

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bike is wobbleing from left to right when I peddle....is this a good thing? It's not to drastic, it started after I raised my saddle and lowered my bars ...


With your seat higher, your centre of gravity has got higher, and there's now more load on your handlebars (assuming you are bearing more of your weight on your arms now that your handlebars are lower). This means you're also putting more weight above your centre of gravity, rather than most of the force going down the saddlepost.

I'll stop there... the only other thing I know about down forces involves flying buttresses and gargoyles.

I'm sure there will be others along in a while to offer a more technical explanation.


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On the whole, I wouldn't call that a good thing, no.

It sounds like your pedalling action lacks the smooth precision of a well oiled machine.

When I was new to cycling my legs lacked the suppleness needed for a good rate of rpm and I used to bounce around somewhat in the saddle. This amused my fellow cyclists who were more proficient and although older, more supple.


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Bigtallfatbloke said:
so...maybe I have th esaddle a little high?... I'll lower it a touch and see.

The 'recommended' starting point for seat height is,I believe,that with your foot/pedal parallel to the ground at the 6 o'clock /bottom of pedal stroke there should be a slight bend in the knee.


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