Wolf Hall



Looking forward to it, but also enjoying this at the moment..



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The stuff you find out about on this forum is brilliant. I had no idea this was on. I've not read the book, but Mrs RM and a lot of her family are fans so we'll be viewing.


Starts tonight http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2015/jan/21/wolf-hall-damian-lewis

Anyone else looking forward to it? I am, because I've tried three times to read the book and just can't get on with it at all, despite feeling great admiration for Hilary Mantel and having enjoyed many of her other earlier books. It looks like it will be a counterbalance to that other The Tudors rubbish.
"a king who, in the public imagination, hovers somewhere between Brian Blessed with a lute and Bungle from Rainbow cosplaying Bacchus" :laugh:


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I liked Wolf Hall although I thought Bring Up The Bodies was better.

Hilary Mantel is either #1 or #2 most famous person from Glossop. Let you guess the other one*

* It is not Wayne Fontana
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We used to travel through Glossop a lot when visiting our daughter at Sheffield University - what a bottleneck - we would nearly always stop at Tesco for a bit of respite from the snail paced traffic, and to get a butty. Lovely drive across the Snake Pass when you are through the town though, and respect to the local cyclists who tackle that road.....my guess to answering your question is Vivienne Westwood?

Anyway, back to the OP topic, my son rang my wife the other night and said we MUST watch Wolf Hall, so that is what we are doing tonight. Looking forward to it, quite like Damian Lewis.

Dave Davenport

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We were discussing this on the club run today; I really liked the books and will probably give the TV series a look, even though from the trailer the actor playing Cromwell looks nothing like the picture in my head from the book.
One of the guys said the stage adaptation was very good.


Norven Mankey
I watched it with Mrs N. I've read it but she hasn't. She found it difficult to follow who the different characters were and their positions without having read the book. Percy? Suffolk? Boleyn Snr?

No problem if you've read the book but I felt they could have made the power struggle a bit clearer to pull viewers in. Having said that, a decent enough adaptation so far and I rather liked the Cromwell characterisation


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I thought it was terrific, and had brilliantly captured the mood, feel and pace of the books. The actor playing Cromwell was superb, and the script was spot on. Really looking forward to the rest.
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