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Bit of a rant really and I know lots of people feel the same but thought I should vent it here.

I am a single Dad I have my daughter 3 nights a week. I earn £17000 a year pro rata which works out that I come out with £1000 a month.

I rang working tax credits as Im finding it difficult to pay for everything. However I have been told I earn too much.

I pay £200 a month maintenance.

I have been told I do not qualify as I earn too much. Fair enough but where is the incentive for me to go to work.

My daughters mother gets nearly £550 in child tax credit, £100 child benefit and £200 a month from me she works 14 hours a week.

So without her wage she comes out with the same amount as me. The system is absolutley appalling. I have no problem with the money she gets but it doesn't really encourage me to go to work does it!! So essentially I pay £200 for my Daughter to be looked after for 1 night! (ok so the CSA say I should only be paying £100 a month but I suppose I'm a bit soft)



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The whole system is due something of a shake-up very soon according to somebody I know who works for CAB. I would talk to CAB if you get the chance they tend to be in the know if you find a good one.


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The whole system is due something of a shake-up very soon according to somebody I know who works for CAB.
It's all switching to be part of the Universal Credit. One combined government IT project to collate real-time reporting of every person's income and calculate all benefit payments: what could possibly go wrong?


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It is going to be a horror according to my friend in CAB.


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I love ranting about the benefits system!!

I hate that its based on your previous years income!

my wife and i earnt over £20k PA each before my boy was born, she then went on maternity and started claiming showing the combined wage of a £45 K ish i was then made redundant, she went back part time i got a job with less money, more hours but kept the roof over our heads! total income went down to £24K between us! then apparently we where overpaid by £500 over the year so they have reduced our benefits again! we where struggling to make ends meet recently!

At the moment we get £10 a week which barely covers nappys!


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Ah, the irony of the Job Centre. If they knew so much about finding jobs then they wouldn't be working there in the first place.
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