You gotta be joking!!!

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by CotterPin, 1 Feb 2008.

  1. A chip shop in Walthamstow?
  2. Twenty Inch

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    Behind a desk
    He's a liar and I'm not so sure about you.
  3. Piemaster

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    UK City of Culture
  4. gambatte

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    S Yorks
    You may be interested to know that global warming, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are a direct effect of the shrinking numbers of Pirates since the 1800s. For your interest, I have included a graph of the approximate number of pirates versus the average global temperature over the last 200 years. As you can see, there is a statistically significant inverse relationship between pirates and global temperature.

    Love the concept of this place & the story of how it started :sad::biggrin::biggrin:
  5. 515mm

    515mm Well-Known Member

    and why are pirates SO good at global cooling?

    because they just ARRRR!!! okay....

    I'll get me coat
  6. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    Penarth, Wales
  7. Arch

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    Salford, UK
    That's a stupid graph. The lower number of pirates ought to be at the origin, which would give a downward slope, much easier to read intuitively. Although that would give the time running backwards.... Anyway, I'm sure it could be clearer... Actually, time isn't really important, the correlation is between pirates and temperature, time is to some degree irrelevant....
  8. Maz

    Maz Legendary Member

    I agree with Arch.
    Also, that graph should take a dip around 2003 onwards what with the resurgent interest in all things piratey after the unprecedented success of the series of films Pirates of the Caribbean. If we extrapolate from that point, this theory of global warming related to decline in pirates can be declared null and void.
  9. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
    And another thing - the rate of global temperature rise appears to be fairly constant, whereas the reduction in pirate numbers is erratic - the first interval is 10,000, the second 15,000, then 5000 then 10,000 (? hard to read), then 4600 and the last 383. So pirates, if they are having an effect, are not having a consistent effect, and it would be very hard to extrapolate any meaningful predictions from it.

    Perhaps the causation is the other way round. As temperature increase, so do the incidences of extreme weather events and storminess - this might be killing off the pirates, at sea.
  10. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Resistance is futile! Moderator

    But the data is meant to be inconclusive. It's put there by the Flying Spaghetti Monster to test our faith. Any conclusive data is immediately changed by His Noodley Appendage.:tongue:
  11. gambatte

    gambatte Middle of the pack...

    S Yorks
    Ramen! A convert! :tongue:
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